2017 has been the year of great diversity and inclusivity among beauty gurus of color throughout platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, where the amount of instagram followers shows how much people care so much about the content these influencers put out into the beauty industry. In addition, it allows the beauty community to shine a light on the importance of representation among a group of a talented and creative makeup artist (MUAs) who are redefining the culture and beauty standards in the industry. From awe-inspiring self-taught artists such as Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley to Angel Merino and Patrick Starr, whos makeup tutorials videos recieve millions of views, these beauty gurus are able to embrace their individualities and express the importance of just having fun with makeup. If you’re an aspiring makeup artist or beautician, you can list your beauty business on Beauty Booker to help get clients. It’s super easy and it can really help you progress in your career.

They are far more beauty gurus out there, however, here are 10 beauty gurus of color who are serving looks to the internet and represent a diverse community of inspiring and influential role-models:


“Changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time” is what Jackie Aina is all about. With over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 589K on Instagram, she is the ultimate example of someone who is outspoken and honest about the difficulty of finding brands who cater to a diverse range of skin tones- most importantly to darker skin tones. Not only is she not afraid to be honest and give critical feedback to hyped up products, she never fails to provide her supporters with great quality makeup dupes, tips and tricks, and brand recommendations.


From the Bay Area, Alissa Ashley is a 22 year-old beauty vlogger who creates makeup tutorials, tips, and tricks on the daily. On YouTube she has close to 630K subscribers along with 395K followers on Instagram. Her channel has gained a great amount of viewers under three years and is known for being a big supporter of black-owned makeup brands. Before she self-titled her channel, it was originally named itsalissaweekly.


LA-based Beauty & Lifestyle YouTuber Daisy Marquez is a 19 year-old self-taught makeup artist who rapidly gained popularity on her Instagram and YouTube Channel. She is originally from Texas but was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. From stunning makeup tutorials and tips and tricks to story times and weekly vlogs, Daisy has earned about 600K subscribers on YouTube. She may be young but it proves to show that anyone can pursue their passion or dreams.


Angel Merino is a Pro Makeup artist and beauty influencer who has worked with celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Toni Braxton, Chanel Iman, and among many others. Angel is also an entrepreneur where he is a CEO of a brand called Artist Couture. On YouTube he has about 124K subscribers and 1.3 Million on Instagram. He originally didn’t get the support from his Salvadorian parents because they believed it wasn’t a career, but he proved them wrong when he got his first celebrity client, Christina Milian and received a job with her at an HGTV shoot.


Andrea Choice (also known as Andrea Brooks) is an OG YouTuber who creates makeup tutorials, fashion tips, DIY projects and much more. With over 4.1 Million subscribers on her Youtube Channel, Andrea has been very successful throughout the years. She originally moved to LA to pursue her YouTuber career and was also made the first beauty-themed channel signed to Makers Studios in 2010. A significant moment for her was in 2015 when she was a guest on NBC’s Today and was nominated for a Teen Choice Awards. She is also nominated for Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star in 2017 Teen Choice Awards.


Patrick Starrr, known as Patrick Simondac, is a Filipino-American makeup artist and beauty influencer who recently had the opportunity to work with Katy Perry, Shay Mitchell, and Kim Kardashian. He’s from Orlando. Florida and now lives in Los Angeles. In high school, he started doing photography which sparked his interest in makeup due to photoshopping. His YouTube channel consist of amazing makeup tutorials, fashion tips for plus-size clothing, and working on others makeup like fellow YouTubers and celebrities. Patrick also believes that “makeup is a one sizes fits all” and should have no limitations in terms of creativity.


Beauty Lover and College Grad, Nabela Noor is a Bangladeshi American who makes content that consist of DIYs, beauty and fashion tips, and lifestyle videos. Not only does she create amazing videos, her personality and energy that she put into them really shows how much of a kind and funny woman she really is. Her YouTube channel has gained over 350K subscribers plus 126K followers on Instagram.


Melly Sanchez is a Dominican Makeup Artist who is a native New Yorker. She is widely popular on both Youtube and Instagram platforms where she is known for her short-timed tutorials. Close to 1M followers on Instagram and 303K YouTube subscribers, she creates fantastic makeup-tutorials, fashion tips and suggestions on her channel. In addition, the most influential person in her life who has supported her passion for fashion and beauty has been her mother. She wouldn’t be fierce, independent, and willing to chase after what she wants if her mother didn’t instill those attributes to her.


Kenneth D. Senegal (HeFlawless), born and raised in Texas, is a YouTube Vlogger with a “Potty Mouth” and has gained great recognition for his LGBT+ themes in his videos as well as his real experiences . From story times to makeup tutorials, HeFlawless’ YouTube channel has gained more than 310K subscribers and continues to grow as he becomes more known in the beauty world.He thinks outside the box when it comes to his creativity and creating a look for his channel or Instagram.

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