This spring has been quite remarkable in terms of new music. Artists underground and mainstream are racing to release music, a consumer’s dream. But in the loads of great music you can definitely get lost in the sauce, so I’ve brought 10 songs to put in your daily rotation from mainstream and underground artists around the country.


Santa – Duwap Kaine

I’m going to keep telling y’all, Duwap Kaine is next out of Atlanta. He’s been at it for a year now serving the streets hits like “Peep Hole,” “Pouring Codeine,” “Go Yo Hoe” & now “Santa” produced by Pierre Bourne. This one is next level. He lets off from the beginning and keeps throwing punches for 2 minutes. He may be a young bull but in Atlanta they hop off the porch every day. Read my review of his latest tape Friends Till The End to get a better picture of him.

Notable Lines:

“Strapped up wit Instagram hoes, got a boat load”

“Got a K on the side of me is what they don’t know”

“Don’t call me yo bro if I don’t know you”

“Niggas stealin swag, I’m the one that they bite on”


Overwhelming – Matt Ox

No Generation Z slander will be tolerated. Matt Ox is out here with the fidget spinners putting on for suburbia and the trap. Philly stand up! He linked up with Oogie Mane for this banger. You can say what you want about his appearance but young Matt has better songs than some of these rappers out now. If you think you’ve got him figured out, take a listen and think again.

Notable Lines:

“And I’m stayin wit my gang, I ain’t schemin”

“Now I’m almost at the top where I was dreamin to be”

“No lyin some of my homies still hustle in the streets”

“I don’t think you feel, am I too overwhelming?”


Butterfly Effect – Travis Scott

Back with the druggy anthems, Travis’ “Butterfly Effect” is a hazy joint with big sound from Murda Beatz. Travis praises his new life and all his amenities including drugs, women and doing for his homies. This song will put in a trance much like the lean and pills he describes.

Notable Lines:

“For this life I cannot change”

“Take a sip, feel just how I breathe”

“Never go, never go dip on the set, stayed Santana”


Gilligan – DRAM ft Rocky and Juicy J

DRAM is undeniably versatile and displays so with this banger. He’s flexing his diamonds and calling bitches out in this one. One of the GOATs, Juicy J, and A$AP Rocky both chip in verses with their unique and classic flows. Play this at the pre-game, the smoke session, or in the car to get the full effect. The hard-hitting beat is courtesy of DRAM and Juicy J.

Notable Lines:

“Get put in your place and that’s out my place”

“Lost just like Gilligan, I’m my own island”

“Three Six Mafia probably fucked yo mama back in ‘98”

“Fuck another nigga bitch again off the shits again”


Different Color Molly – Smokepurpp

The 19-year-old South Florida star with a cult fanbase is set to take off when his debut mixtape Deadstar drops. Until then drop this in your summer playlist. While reflecting his current position he also reminds you of the iron he carries and what it can do.

Notable Lines:

“I got that chopper on me make it sing Beyoncé”

“Glizzy on me and the bullets take off”

“I got different color molly yellow Ombré”


Untouchable – NBA Youngboy

Fresh out of prison Youngboy hits the studio and lays down some hood motivation. His dreams came true and he’s ready for the next phase of his life. He’s ready to take the game by storm.

Notable Lines:

“I gotta make up for all them nights that my Momma cried”

“Never change on my gang yeah, I’m stuck with my niggas”

“I’ll never jeopardize this and lose it all again”


What I Need – Meek Mill ft Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign

Whoever thinks Meek Mill still not making good music is delusional. This late night summer song is perfect for you’re by the pool with your lady. The sample from Tony! Toni! Tone! Is perfect and Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign are golden with the vocals. Be ready for his next album Wins & Losses.

Notable Lines:

“I’ve been ballin’ on you ’cause you smart and loyal”

“Be there when I turn around and I’ll turn your world around”

“In Philly, we say you the main joint and we save it”


Doves in the Wind – SZA ft Kendrick Lamar

SZA and Kung Fu Kenny give the ends and outs about vagina. People will go out of there way for it and become completely different people for it. They detail that there is more to offer and that people deserve and should want for more. The song is featured on her debut album Ctrl.

Notable Lines:

“Pussy can be so facetious, the heavyweight champ”

“Meaning you deserve the whole box of chocolates”

“Give you all of me and I won’t stop, not a little bit”

“Pussy like doves in the wind”


Heebiejeebies – Amine ft Kehlani

Portland rapper, Amine, & the SweetSexySavage princess, Kehlani, are ready to risk it all in his newest single. Both smooth talkers flow eloquently over the Jahaan Sweet beat. Kehlani coming off her album release is scorching and is perfect for the song.

Notable Lines:

“Get it all gas no breaks”

“My whole life I might sacrifice”

“I’ve never seen your type of species”


Freak In You – PND

Party is always a guarantee for the sex anthems. This one is top shelf from the OVO artist. He released it on Colours 2, just in time for the summer. Play the vibed out Colours mixtape and the sequel back to back and see where your mind is afterwards.

Notable Lines:

“Room full of beautiful women but I want one”

“So pretty, girl, you belong in a gallery”

“And these lines right here ain’t no pickup”


Because I’m incredibly indecisive I’ve included a few honorable mentions:


Do What You Need To – Joey Fatts ft Xavier Wulf and Maxo Kream from his recently released mixtape I’ll Call You Tomorrow II.

New Crib – Mila J from her recently released EP Dopamine.

Fashion Week – Wale ft G-Eazy from his recently released album SHINE.

Go With the Flow – UnoTheActivist from his upcoming mixtape Live.Shyne.Die.


Don’t stop at just these songs, explore the projects and the artists entirely. Here are some visuals to get you started.




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