With January coming to an end, the new year is rapidly moving forward. Here are some tips on making 2017 a prosperous, happy year for you.

1. Let Go of the Past

Why worry about things you can’t change? Its easier said than done ,but letting go of the past is crucial for your mental state of mind. With time, prayer, and practice it can be attainable. Forgive yourself, forgive whoever else, and let it go. You can never go back to the past so there is no reason to think about it. Let it go.

2. Put Yourself First

I’m not saying be selfish, but I’m saying be selfish. Spend time with you and get to know yourself. Reflect on who you are and who you want to be in life. After all you’re with you until you die. Remember, you are your biggest supporter!

3. Perfect Your Craft

The more time spent on your craft, the better it will be. Simple.

 4. Realize You’re in Control

You are the only person that can make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind, it is not reflected from what you own or what surrounds you. You have the power to remove yourself from any situation that isn’t making you happy.

5. Stop Giving Your All to the Wrong People

This is draining and not even worth it. No relationship is worth your sanity. This is not limited to romantic relationships. Family and friends can be draining sometimes. Leave those one sided relationships in 2016. The right people will be in your life. If God removes people from your life it is because you don’t need them where you are going. Your blessings are dependent on God and him only! No one (in or out of your life) can stop God from what he has planned for you.

6. Stop Putting Off Your Goals

Goals are meant to be completed. If you set a date to have something done, stick to it. Of course sometimes things happen that cause our goals to be delayed but we should never lose sight of them. Always remind yourself of your goals and endgame.

7. Face Your Problems

Communication makes life so much easier. There is no reason to run from your problems because they will always catch up to you. Make 2017 a year of good karma. Face your problems head on so that they don’t come back to haunt you in the future!

 8. Take the Risk

If there’s something you want to do right now that you are afraid to, do it. The right risk could lead to the right opportunity. Your dream is right around the corner. You just have to be willing to take the risk to look!

9. Stop Trying to Prove Yourself to People

You are good enough for you and that is enough. There is no need to compete or try to prove yourself to others because you can only be you. That’s the best thing about life, there is only one of you. The right people will always be present and accepting in your life. Most people are only passing through your life. People will either be a blessing or a lesson.

 10. Stop Taking from Your Savings (and Not Putting It Back with Interest.)

If you don’t have a savings, get one. If you do have a savings and you find yourself dipping into it too often, try to pay yourself back quickly and with interest. Did you really need that new dress? (maybe), but  try not to go into your savings unless it is for dire emergencies, not because you want to treat yourself. If you know there is an event or trip planned that you need a fit for, try to save and buy in advance. Therefore, there would not be a reason to go into your savings in the first place!

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