Don’t be lazy for Mother’s Day! Show your mother that you appreciate her and be sure to acknowledge her hard work. Being a mother is very demanding and motherhood should be celebrated. Why not make that day special?

“It’s the thought that counts.” – Yeah, right……don’t pick mother’s day to emphasize this. Although being “thoughtful” might be appreciated, there should be action implemented after thinking. If funds are low, write your mother a letter, a poem, draw her a portrait, take her for a picnic or cook for her. Fortunately, mothers love simple things and small tokens of appreciation.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on Mother’s Day;

  • If there are extra funds available, go check out the new fragrance at Belk or Ulta. There’s usually a Mother’s Day special to take advantage of and plenty of opportunities to get her a few extra goodies (freebies).
  • Start the day out with breakfast and flowers even.
  • Wash her car and fill her tank up.
  • Check around the house and if you’ve noticed there’s something that needs to be done…DO IT! Wash the dishes, dust, mop….stop by Kirklands and purchase her favorite candle or a candle fragrance you’d know she’ll love.
  • Buy her groceries or if your bank account agrees, go ahead and buy her that brand new stainless steel refrigerator you know she’ll love.
  • A massage would be nice or a day at the spa. A gift card for either or both would be excellent.
  • Most nail salons are closed on Mother’s day BUT a nice gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure would put a smile on her face.

Make her day special and one to remember. You don’t have to break the bank to do so BUT show her she’s appreciated! Treat her special!


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