On this day 15 years ago, we lost a legend in the music industry named Aaliyah. She died in a terrible plane crash on August 25th, 2001. Passing away at the peak of her youth and career, the impact was even more saddening to all the fans.  I grew up listening to some of her most famous songs. Aaliyah set multiple trends during her career and some question would some female artists currently be relevant if she was still here. She represented the tomboy unique style, her tasteful sex appeal, and her music videos. Aaliyah’s style was parallel with her comfort and wanting to embrace her curves. A lot of her style is still being imitated today through clothing brands and celebrities/people. Her songs told the tale of her life, but also how she experienced love. She expressed her fantasies, and interactions giving us a taste of her sexuality. She was very young going into the industry, but she let us know she had a grown and sexy side. Aaliyah was known for her unique videos and her different approach on interpreting her songs. Unfortunately, she was killed right after shooting her Rock The Boat video, which is still one of the most individual videos the industry has seen. She collaborated with Missy Elliot as an artist and friend. Missy  is also a very unique artist who does her music videos differently. I believe Missy and Aaliyah’s friendship helped further both of their careers. Missy Elliot still mentions Aaliyah in her successes and has written songs in her remembrance. A couple of her songs that have continued to live on are 4 Page Letter, Rock The Boat, and Age Aint Nothing But A Number. Her artistry will certainly live on forever.

Some of her most famous looks are below:


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