We are all pretty interested in crime stories especially those that are true its human nature. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything illegal in your life something about sex, drugs, and money appeals to just about everyone. Don’t take my word for it, you can look it up for yourself.. We’ve all seen the movies, hot girls, tattoos, and a shit load of cash and drugs. Pretty interesting right? But this time it’s a true story.

Enter Isabelle Lagace, 28, and Melina Roberce, 22. These two pretty Canadian girls went on the cruise of their life, which is most likely over now. Don’t get me wrong, two twenty something year old girls going on an exotic cruise is anything new, but these girls were packing $30 million worth of cocaine along with them. Yes, $30 million! I wonder if the cocaine seized was laced with any other substances. After all, you can use a drug test kit to find out. Going to https://www.countrywidetesting.com/collections/10-panel-drug-tests will show you how to do it. These two girls had the biggest amount of cocaine ever seized in Australia on a cruise ship or airline, but before they became jail birds they documented their entire cocaine journey on social media. Damn, that’s a lot of money. Damn, that’s a lot of cocaine. I guess you’d have a lot of fun with either. Nonetheless, crime doesn’t pay, no matter how attractive you are. I’m sure they’ll be ok in prison… If they wanted to test their entrepreneurial spirit, then they might want to enter the marijuana industry when/if they ever see the light of day again. After all, it is legal and booming in many places now. The industry has really exploded in recent times, with quality dispensary supplies becoming more and more accessible. Not that these two ladies will know. Maybe if they thought with their whole heads and not just their nostrils, then they wouldn’t be in this pickle.

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According to authorities the two women boarded the cruise ship at the British port city of Southampton. The cruise was estimated to cost around $14,ooo and I’m sure it was paid for by someone within the drug organizaises. The cruise toured US and South America, Colombia and Peru, and New Ze aland then ultimately Australia.

On Instagram Melina and Isabelle posted frequently throughout their cruise. There were photos of her getting tattoos, sitting in a lake drinking coconut, and many more. The girls lived lavishly according to Facebook and Instagram posts. Expensive heels, meals, and jewelry were not unordinary for these two.


Isabelle Lagace, 28. Pictured Above.

Melina Roberge. Canadian women accused of smuggling $30m worth of cocaine into Sydney

Melina Roberge. Canadian women accused of smuggling $30m worth of cocaine into Sydney

My question is why would you post so actively on a social media site when you’re participating in illegal activities? Like hello! That’s the easiest way to attract attention to yourselves. But, there is the possibility that these to ladies were set up. C’mon girls! Unless you’re a Griselda Blanco you’re being USED! The Canadian Border Service Agency, the Australian Federal Police and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, were actually tracking the ship’s voyage. I bet someone on the team who organized the transport snitched to the police. Seizing 200 pounds of cocaine is a big deal and I’m sure whoever the rat is (if there was one, these are just my theories) got e aa huge payday.With 95 kilograms of cocaine stuffed into their suitcases, these three Canadian nationals did not have much room for clean underwear or spare toothbrushes. Following an international joint operation targeting drug smuggling syndicates, our detector dogs boarded a cruise ship in Sydney and sniffed out the narcotics. The huge haul represents a record for drugs seized off a cruise vessel coming ioffnto Austr alia, alleged the Australian Border Force on Facebook.

The two girls along with accomplice Andre Tamine, 63, were taken into custody on Sunday and charged with attempting to smuggle 200 pounds of the drug into Australia as part of a major international drug syndicate. The cocaine was in their suitcase half concealed under dirty towels….I guess they never seen Narcos. Drug dealers go to amazing lengths to conceal drugs and these three half ass’d the job. If you’re going to deal drugs do it right ladies! Authorities say that since the cocaine was such a huge amount there was no way it was just a three-person job. In short, it’s a good thing these two girls went on a world cruise because they will most likely never see the light of day again. This crime carries a sentence of up to life in prison.


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