2016’s been an exciting year for rap music, but the majority of the hype within the hip-hop community has been centered around records from already-established MCs. Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Chance the Rapper, Drake, Macklemore, Death Grips, Future. If you’re a rap fan, you may be asking yourself “Where’s the fresh blood?” Not to worry, I got you. Here are five up-and-coming MCs whose 2016 output has me hungry for more. lil-yachty-chief-keef-young-nigga-theme-song

5. Lil Yachty

That’s right. I’m giving Yachty the shout. While I’ll admit he’s a whack rapper with “high-school bars”, some of the cuts on his breakout Lil Boat mixtape intrigued me enough to continue tracking his career. One thing’s for sure, he’s got a sound that’s entirely his own. The question is, is it good? We’ll see.

4. Rich Chigga RichChigga2

You probably know Rich Chigga from his viral gang-bangin’ “Dat $tick” single, but since then the Indonesian rapper has dropped yet another impressive cut titled “Who That Be”. I love this guy’s deep, silky voice and skillful yet effortless flows. Can’t wait to hear more from him.

3. Denzel Curry Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Cloud rapper Denzel Curry’s newest record Imperial is his third major release, but easily his most tenacious. Listen to the song “Gook” and tell me your not hyped for more bangers from this guy.




2. Anderson .Paak m.1562ec8c

He’s the stylistic love child of Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, and his breakout record Malibu is chalk full of sunny, soulful hip-hop tunes. What more do you want?






  1. joey-purp-iiidrops-e1464892304502Joey Purp

    SaveMoney member Joey Purp’s second mixtape iiiDrops, one of my favorite rap releases of this year, didn’t receive nearly as much attention as it deserved. Joey fuses pop rap with conscious hardcore hip-hop with masterful production and lyrical, raspy flows. I’ve got my eye on this fellow for sure.


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