Bon Iver’s newest album, 22, A Million, is set to be released September 30 of this year. With their fourth track, “33 “GOD”” already released, Bon Iver sets the tone for their new album. Since their most famous self-titled album that was released back in 2011, there is much excitement to see what 22, A Million will bring.

“33 “GOD”” sets the scene for 22, A Million in terms of thematic content and sound. It is no coincidence that the number 33 is so prevalent. The single “33 “GOD”” was released August 29, 2016, exactly 33 days before the expected album release. The number 33 in the song also refers to the commonly agreed upon age of Jesus in the Christian faith when he was crucified. The song, “33 “GOD”” also amounts to exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds. From these facts, it is easy to tell that careful thought and planning went into the making of “33 “GOD””.

Additionally, to go along with thematic Christian content of the song, the official lyric video for “33 “GOD”” begins by quoting Psalm 22: “why are you so FAR from saving me”. They lyrics of the song can seem garbled and hard to comprehend, though the lead singer, Justin Vernon, maintains his usual layered falsetto and the piano keys melodically dominate certain parts of the song. While voices in the background of the song seem to mumble things that are incomprehensive, drums and banjo-like picking ensue. It is difficult to tell who Vernon is singing for or about as the song seems deeply personal, with the lyrics detached and even broken at times.

Overall, there is obvious meaning and depth to “33 “GOD,”” and with the stage set for the upcoming album, we have less than a month to wait.

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