The summer is quickly approaching which means time for some skincare tips to adjust to the weather change! I have always had very sensitive skin, so taking care of my skin and my face is very important for me. Plus, the summer is the perfect time to switch up your skincare routine. So whether you’ve wanted to try and use glycolic acid products (with an SPF of course) or you’ve wanted to try out popular cbd skincare products , for example, this may be the time to change things up a bit! With that being said, just like with anything new, doing some research before using new products could prove to be beneficial. These tips will be good for anybody who’s trying to look and feel great this summer!

Tip 1:

Doctors tell you, your friends tell you, your mum’s been telling you for years… It’s not hard to drink it! Water is great and there’s no better beverage to drink than water this summer. You should drink at least half of your water weight a day, or 8 glasses a day, try a way to keep track of it. Your body should rely on water, so if you don’t feel “off when you haven’t drunk water for a while that means you’re not getting enough of it.

Tip 2
Rosewater! Rosewater is a great addition to add to your skin care routine. It helps soften your skin and gives it a natural, healthy glow. Rosewater is beneficial for your skin in several ways. For example, as a facial toner, it helps maintain your skin’s ph balance, good for eczema and acne, it moisturizes and hydrates your skin, and so much more.
I use rosewater immediately after washing my face in the morning and night. Using rosewater as a toner instead of chemical-based products will be a lot better on your skin. The rosewater closes the open pores, leaves your face extremely soft, and smells amazing. For the Summer: if you get sunburned, spray rosewater on it and it’ll ease the irritation and eventually heal the burn.

Tip 3
Have a consistent, reliable facial routine. Make sure you wash your face at least more than once a day since the heat opens your pores causing them to get filled with sweat. The use of products that contain natural products could be a lot better than some of the products you are currently using. Even if you do a quick google search into something like natures aid cbd, you may be able to switch up your skincare routine and see better results. It’s all about the ingredients you use. It’s best to build a constant routine that works best for you. I’ve had the same facial routine for a year now, and I’ve stuck with it because I don’t get major breakouts and if a pimple pops up, it’ll be gone by the next day. Here’s my facial routine:

Wash and cleanse my face with African black soap. Any “brand” is fine as long as ITS 100% NATURAL! Don’t get black soap that has 5,000 chemicals in, it won’t do what it should. After I wash my face, I use an oxypad to wipe any excess dirt I missed with the soap just to make sure my face is as clean as it should. After that I use my moisturizer for sensitive skin. It’s a great moisturizer because it makes my face feels great and it doesn’t make your face look oily. Lastly, I spray my face with rosewater a couple times and I’m done. For more tips on how to wash your face, check out this handy blog post:

Tip 4
Take a break from heavy makeup! Just for the summer or maybe even a month out of the summer, or even a week. Just assign yourself a time where you don’t want to look like a glazed donut, you want the only “bake” to be from the sun! Try it and see how great your skin will feel. It not only make your skin feel great, but it’ll make you feel great. You’ll give your skin a chance to breathe and it may even boost your confidence. One week may turn into two, then who knows? Maybe you’ll end up only wearing mascara and lip gloss.

Tip 5
Definitely not the least important! BUG SPRAY! Bug spray this summer is an essential because the bugs are out and this year they’re fearless. Even if you’re not an outside person, I’m sure at some point you’ll go to a pool party, cookout, festival–anywhere you are the bugs are in attacking mode. Personally, I use AVON because it’s a lotion but mosquitos don’t like that smell and every time I wear it I don’t get bit. My mum is allergic, so she’ll put the lotion on and the spray and it’s like we’re a walking mosquito repellent. Save yourself from those annoying itchy bug bites.

Hope these tips help you as you prepare for the summer!

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