As an artist, sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration which leads us to find ourselves in a sort of creative bubble. We want to create new work but, somehow the inspiration or motivation just isn’t there, thus leading us to feel confined, trapped. If you’ve ever felt like this, I got you. Below are some tips that help me create new art.

  1. Find Inspiration. I’m a writer so to find inspiration I often go back and re-read my favorite books or find new ones to fall in love with. Even if you find inspiration from something like a blog post, reading is one of the greatest ways to become inspired.
  2. Find Serenity. Our lives are a series of ups and downs, that is just how the universe works. No matter how good or bad you think your life is know that there will always be a balance and find peace in knowing that. Don’t let the chaos of your life, the stress of school, or anything else come in the way of your artwork. Connect with your spirit, find a peaceful place, and let your artistry flow.
  3. Look at your old work. Sometimes the best way to start a new project is by tweaking your old one. If you go back and improve or change things about your old work, it can inspire and stimulate new ideas for you to work with. I’m not saying to go go and make changes to your old work but I am saying that looking back at your old work can spark a light in your brain!
  4. Spend time with your boo. Yes, that’s right. Being around someone you like/love can stimulate the creative juices in your brain. We draw inspiration from our muses.
  5. Pray. With God anything is possible. If you’re having trouble finding inspiration , talk to God. Whoever your god maybe, he or she has all of the answers.

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