Tis’ the season where we started planning on what perfect gifts we want to give to our girlfriends, parents and the kids. Last year Americans spent an average of $850 on gifts. While that in college students terms is rent for a nice apartment or a nice paycheck, we have some awesome gifts that won’t break the break. This year, I encourage you to switch things up this season by #BuyingBlack! Here are just a few finds for either Christmas or Kwanzaa. Warning: You may be tempted to put these finds on your wishlist…

  1. Sammi Footwear was started by two sisters in Atlanta that made the promise to sell high quality shoes at no more than $25! Perfect gift for the lady in your life that loves shoes. A girl can truly never have too many pairs.


2. Plan with Koli was created for the entrepreneur, mother or student that always has something to do and somewhere to be. If you know someone that is planner saavy, these Koli planners has them in mind. These make the perfect gift. And did I mention they’re customizable?! Yes, you can change the foil or background cut—even get your loved ones name foiled onto the cover.


3. Breukelen Polished – is a nail polish company that started in Brooklyn. Their nail polish are always selling out, but we’re hoping they’ll be back in stock just in time for gift-getting season. Their polishes are all “5-Free”, meaning free from the harmful carcinogens (that are unfortunately in most nail polishes) and are safe for both children and adults to wear. Bottles are only $10 a pop!


4. Black Card Revoked is THE game that every party, get together and household needs. The second edition costs only $20, can be played with up to six people and is safe for the whole family to play.

black-card-revoked-2n5. Nubian Skin A nude bra and skin tone lingerie are the basics of every woman’s wardrobe. For many women of color, finding suitable skin-tone hosiery and lingerie has not been an option. Frustrated by the lack of skin-tone choices to go with her ever-expanding wardrobe, Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, decided it was time for ‘a different kind of nude’. This season, surprise your lady with a full set that will last her forever! Nubian Skin is available throughout the United States, online and at select stockists including Nordstrom. Check out their latest Moroccan Nights campaign video below!


6. BlkProverbs is a T-shirt company started by Diane,  a 25 year old University of Wisconsin graduate. These shirts include many #BlkProverbs and sayings that someone close in your life most likely utters about 20 times a day. If you know someone that constantly utters, “Girl BYE” or “Bruh.”, then you already have the perfect gift for them!



7. Pooka Pure and Simple specializes in producing and selling body butters, creams, sprays, washes and perfumes. Made with only pure ingredients such as natural shea and cocoa butters, oils of avocado, soybean and coconut, castile soaps and organic cane sugars. They sell amazing gift sets as well. This one below is their Caliente Man Collection and you can get it all for only $48!


8. The Cuterie is perfect for the woman who loves unique jewelry that holds a lot of personality. They carry very affordable earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces of all sorts. The founder actually started this company after becoming obsessed with the jewelry the women on VH1’s Basketball Wives were wearing and aimed to make trendy jewelry affordable, so that even us college kids could get in on the fun.


9. Gold Label Cosmetics was started by makeup artist, Kristen Elise Brown, and is made for women from all walks of life. Their cosmetics are “heavily influenced by the arts, fashion, travel, affirmations and especially the notion of genuinely loving the skin you’re in”. They specialize in lip pens and lipsticks.

10. Dopeciety sells unique T-shirts, bags and accessories that mix fashion with Fulani artifacts. These are two of my favorite shirts on their site that sell for $35 and come in different colors as well!


11. Ziggi Tie Piece is the inexpensive gift that every man needs in their wardrobe…like yesterday. It’s simply an invisible, reusable tab that connects the back of his tie to the button on his shirt. While that sounds so menial, think about all the times you caught your man’s tie around his shoulder, dipped in his drink or folded inside his shirt. Save him the embarrassing moments and get him a 3-pack for only $15 (with free shipping)!

12. Hecho en Harlem sells handmade brass and silver jewelry. Every piece is sure to make a statement and is perfect for the minimalist or artistic.


13. Barack Obama heads out of the White House next month, and it’s the perfect time to give your children, nephews and small ones a book that they can cherish and learn from. Nikki Grimes wrote this amazing children’s biography of our 44th president’s life back in 2008 and it will always be a source of inspiration for our younger generation. Grab the New York Times Bestseller Barack Obama: Son of Praise, Child of Hope on Amazon HERE.


14. Yinibini Baby sells the cutest customizable clothing for children that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. All their products are made with organic cotton. I’m currently eyeing this Asha Blouse, their Baggy Pants and this natural wood and organic cotton teether.

15. Need some unique Christmas cards? I sure know I’m tired of buying the same ole’ boring (and expensive) holiday cards! AllyElleCards sells these three cute and hilarious cards that are SO worth the price and reaction from whomever has the honor of receiving these cards.



Happy Shopping this Winter Season! What are your go-to shops for #BuyingBlack this season? Let me know in the comments!

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