All too often, us ladies can find ourselves sleeping with the devil. Not literally, but figuratively. You meet a guy and he seems so different from everyone else so you’re probably thinking “OK. I found the one.” Not THE one because hello who wants to be married in their twenties? But you know the guy who can show you a good time, respect you, and doesn’t share this generation’s views towards relationships. But what happens when he switches up? Don’t worry ladies, its happened to us all.

Here are some warning signs to look out for.


  1. He only texts you after 11pm.

Well not specifically 11 pm but you get the picture. If a guy only gives a fuck about what you’re doing at night time, chances are he just wants to have sex. But! If that’s all you want to then do your thang girl! There’s nothing wrong with having strictly sexual relationships just make sure you’re both on the same page and that you both have clean/negative STD results. Because ladies, never EVER feel weird, wrong, or shy about asking what a guy’s status is. If you want him to get tested before yall have sex (as you should too) and he trips on it, drop him. Drop that fuck boy quick.

PS: Idk why this generation thinks getting tested every 6 months is ok. STOP THAT! GET TESTED BEFORE/AFTER EVERY PARTNER.


  1. You only communicate through snapchat.

Ok. So you got his number but you guys only text through snapchat. ………What the fuck do I even have your number for? Snapchat is the easiest way to communicate with discretion. Once a snap is opened and sent, the previous message is gone. No paper trail at all. Not saying there’s anything wrong with this, just be aware.


  1. He is inconsistent.

Just no. Aint nobody got time for that.


  1. He’s shady as fuck.

^See above. Listen to your intuition. If a guy texts you back extremely slow but he’s constantly on the phone when you two hang out, then there’s something wrong with that picture. And not just one occurrence, Im saying if this is a constant thing then chances are he’s shady as fuck and inconsistent.


  1. He constantly accuses you of doing something.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, getting accused of messing around on someone is never a good feeling. It could be their own guilty conscious speaking or their insecurities speaking, either way run for the fucking hills. If a guy is messing around on you he can began to feel guilty which in turn causes him to accuse you. Now if its insecurity? Just run for the fucking hills honestly. Because no one can make a man, or woman for that matter, love themselves. Only God and serious reflection of self can solve that issue.


  1. His Jokes hurt you.

Whether its hurtful comments about your appearance, intellect, or even friends you don’t have to put up with it. Let him know it bothers you and if he doesn’t see the problem, leave. You’re too beautiful, just leave.


  1. You feel the need to change yourself for him.

This a problem a lot of women come across in their dating life. Whether it’s subtle changes to a woman’s appearance or drastic ones, women try to conform to his ideal chick. But honey, if you weren’t his ideal chick when you first met, what makes you think you can become it?


Side Note: Ladies STOP with the “he knows where home is”, you look foolish and that is a stupid ass excuse to put up with someone’s bullshit.



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