1. Your freshman year is your most important year and nothing can get in the way of your schoolwork.

How much effort you put in to your school work your freshman year sets the tone for the rest of your college career. No matter what anyone says, GPAs do matter and if you mess up freshman year it is going to be hard to raise your GPA. This was a dilemma I had. I didn’t realize how much one C could hurt me.  Here’s a tip, if you’re worried about your GPA by the time the semester ends enroll in a summer course to boost your GPA. The less hours you take the easier it is to boost your GPA.


  1. There will be a time for relationships.

Don’t get caught up in any drama, especially boy drama. Freshman year should be fun and fresh for you! The guy you’re fretting and worrying about? One day he won’t even cross your mind! Don’t feel obligated to hang on to your high school sweetheart. College is full of interesting people to mix and mingle with. This is just the beginning of your life! Date around, find out what you like and don’t like. Most importantly don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do.


  1. Friends are important in college, honestly truly.

Friends are a form of stress relief in college. They understand what you’re going through because they’re in the same environment as you. If you’re going to a college where you don’t know anyone, make friends with your roommate first. Your roommate shares the same living space as you and making friends with him or her will make your life 1000 times easier.

  1. Enjoy Dorm Life.

When you first get to college, moving into your dorm is one of the most exciting new student experiences. It’s like an affirmation. You’re finally here and ready to embark on your new journey in life.  I was so excited to move into my dorm, it was the first step towards adulthood.  There were no strict rules in my dorm and we could come and go as we please.  My dorm was basically one big shared room with two beds, a sink, and two closets. At first  I didn’t know how I could deal with living with a random stranger. Would I have to always change in my closet? Is she going to borrow my clothes without asking? Will she eat my food or constantly have friends over? There are a m million pros and cons that run through our heads as we asses new situations. Luckily when you move into your dorm you’re required to fill out a sort of rule sheet that basically lays down the law for what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. For me there were more pros than cons. My roommate and I got along great. If I needed to borrow something I would just ask and vice versa.

PS: Don’t rush to move off campus. Enjoy dorm life for as long as you can.

  1. There will always be another party.

If you ever have to decide between going to a really fun party and studying, always choose studying. There will always be another party and you only get to take the test once. College is all about managing your priorities and in order to avoid situations like this you need to study ahead of time.


  1. Always take the free food.

Many events are always happening on campus feature free food, giveaways, and other free things like t-shirts, school supplies, and event tickets. Take advantage of ALL the free stuff you can. We pay thousands of dollars in tuition so you might as well take advantage of all the free things you can get.

Lastly, stay close in your relationship with your God. College can be a trying time that will make you question a lot of things and you need that spiritual guidance. But remember, don’t take anything too seriously but take it seriously at the same time.


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