Television shows have curated the music industry and the things artists experience being in it for a long time. We experience this currently through shows such as Empire, or Kelly Rowland’s Chasing Destiny. Our most recent fascination, Star, a new television series that hit Fox. The creator, Lee Daniels, who also created Empire, is the brains behind this new sensation. This show in particular has caught the public’s eye, because of the instant things at stake for the characters. Most shows develop the character’s things at risk way later in the storyline. We love most about FOX’s Star is the instant action that draws you into the story. It documents the road to stardom for three young girls two of which have come from humble beginnings. They all have nothing to loose due to a strong desire to leave the lives they all were living. It introduces long time favorite Queen Latifah and heartthrob Quincy Jones.

Daniels states in an interview leading up to the release date that Star is an “antithesis” of Empire and we have seen just that. He regards to the term antithesis, because this show serves a different purpose than Empire. Although Empire is based upon the realities of the music industry it also has aspects of a family dynamic at the core. Star, on the other hand, doesn’t have too much of a family dynamic but more so a unity to get the music done. They all individually come from different lives up until deciding to pursue music fully than they join forces. Despite the large difference each shows foundation has they do have some slight similarities. Both Empire and Star address the awareness of mental health through some of their characters struggles. In Empire, Jamal struggles with pill addiction while his brother Andre struggles with Bipolar Disorder. Due to the fact that Star is fairly new I won’t be a spoiler, but it is revealed that mental health is addressed in this show as well. Needless to say, It is a must see and airs Wednesdays on FOX at 9/8 c!

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