Sometimes change can be scary, sometimes change can be bad, or in the case of Andy Black, change can be amazing. When most musicians say that they are going solo, this can be a major turning point in their careers – an attempt to abandon their previous image in the hunt for a new one. What really makes Andy Black stand out amongst other solo acts is that this isn’t the case at all. Though he may be experimenting with new pop infusions, the classic rock undertones that make him such a powerhouse are still alive and kicking in his two newest singles, “We Don’t Have to Dance” and his most recent single, “Stay Alive”.  Now for most of you who aren’t familiar with him, Andy Black is more commonly known as Andy Biersack, the raging lead vocals of the rock band Black Veil Brides. Over the last year Black has been working on a passion project of his own, which has culminated into his widely anticipated solo album, The Shadow Side. Though rock music may be what his image has so far been based on, his latest singles are proof that it is not all that he can do.

Unlike “We Don’t Have to Dance”, the song “Stay Alive” has a much more upbeat tone, driven by a new kind of pop sound that is refreshing when paired with Blacks raspy tones. From the beginning of the song, whether you are previous fan of Blacks or not, one can immediately tell that this is going to be a hit. Starting with his first few lines, the darker feel of Blacks voice paired with the fast paced beat of the synthetic tones that overarch the rhythm of the song create an enjoyable contrast that is rarely found in most songs today. Instead of aiming to have his voice be like the music, Black lets the music surround his voice, ensuring that neither one overpowers the other. Moving on to the second verse one can then find the interjection of Matt Skiba, from the band Alkaline Trio, who Black collaborated with for the project. Though Skiba’s voice doesn’t have the same raspy undertones as Black, the two voices work together well throughout the song to bring forth a piece of music that is able to stand by itself in an age where music is expected to sound the same. With inspiring lyrics and darker undertones, “Stay Alive” is the perfect mix of rock and pop, proving that though Andy Black is a rocker at heart he is more than capable of breaking the mold to produce great music of any genre.

Andy Blacks debut album The Shadow Side debuts May 6th, 2016.


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