Emerging out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Ab$olute Clothing was rapidly growing and gaining attention from people around the country and countries abroad. Known for their best-selling distressed hats with “Ab$olute” sprawled across the front, the success of this streetwear brand was unstoppable! However, with the rise in recognition, the urban streetwear brand landed on the radar of Absolut Vodka. With threats of copyright infringement, the masterminds behind Ab$olute Clothing decided to rebrand, thus the birth of Trap Basilica. Trap Basilica, also known as Basilica, parts ways with Ab$olute and takes rebranding to the next level. 


Q: What caused you all to rebrand? What happened to Ab$olute Clothing?

A: Ab$olute was our first brand as you guys know.  We had a great run and expanded our brand to states all across the United States and internationally as well. We hit the radar of Absolut Vodka, and long story short, we decided to make the move and rebrand. We’re stronger than ever and conveying our message in a new way through Basilica. 


Q: What is the meaning behind Trap Basilica?

A: Trap Basilica represents the spirit of what we know as the ‘trap’. People worship the trap ideology like church on Sunday, but it’s deeper than that – the trap represents the daily struggles of life, one of ups and downs, wins and losses, heartaches and triumphs, pain and pleasure. As a culture, we must embody the spirit of trappers – relentless individuals who persevere through the hardest circumstances.


Q: What differences can we expect with the recent rebrand?

A: Trap Basilica is like a reflection of us leveling up, but still executing on the vision we had with Ab$olute. It’s personal growth.


Q: What aesthetic is your clothing line going for? 

A: There are many differences you can expect with the rebrand and move to Basilica, but the most prominent is that the new brand is a way more refined aesthetic – more attention to detail, more exclusivity that’ll show through our garments.


Q: Can you give us a sneak peek at what consumers can expect when you release your FW 2016 line? 

A: Yeah, the FW16 lookbook is live on trapbasilica.us as we speak – we’re proud of the work.Each placement of a design on every piece has a reason for being there, the size of a design on a piece of our clothing has a purpose that leads up to the bigger picture.  This collection has been worked on for months and each piece has been designed with passion.


Q: What new additions have you all added to the clothing line?

A: Denim, jackets, hoodies, accessories, and an array of different colors that will have you feeling the fall vibes.


Q: When is the new collection scheduled to release? 

A: There is no definite date for the collection to be released, just stay tuned and keep an eye out for trapbasilica.us


Check out the Official FW 2016 Lookbook 


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