Brooklyn, NY native rapper Joey Bada$$ has finally decided to bless his loyal and long term fans with another album. With the new year in full throttle, hearing from other great rappers similar to Joey such as J. Cole and Big Sean it felt like the right time for the all-American bada$$ himself to voice his thoughts and opinions. This resulted in a body of work elucidated and elaborated upon regarding not only the rap game but America as a whole from a young black male’s perspective.

Considering the “ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$” album to be both a timely and timeless masterpiece by the rapper himself, Joey has seemed to piece together a musical commentary on a large part in today’s society along with it’s issues towards the African American community. From Donald Trump becoming president to the illegal organ donning of black people while being left dead in the street. This built up frustration was all expressed in one of his singles off the new album titled “Land Of The Free”. However, that single only sets the tone for the rest of the songs on the political  project. This 12 track album goes on with greater detail on this built up black depression the USA has seemed to inflict upon the African American culture all while telling a story from that emotional standpoint. “I refer to this as vegetables because it’s something that’s very good for you, something that your body needs but I know everybody won’t want to eat it” said Joey on a HOT 97 radio interview regarding his new album and with all honesty it couldn’t have been described any better than this.

The album starts off with a calm and steady approach to the issues at hand. Speaking on freedom and perseverance through today’s black struggle. Installing an almost purely positive approach with the second song on the album titled “FOR MY PEOPLE” which is Joey basically giving a salute to all the African American individuals who have to deal with all this emotional trauma on a day to day basis with a day to day way of living. At this point I automatically  assumed this would pretty much project the rest of the album’s energy but Joey proved me wrong. As the album goes on you can almost feel the tension rising as Joey speaks more and more on the evils that are being casted upon the African American community all while asking questions like “who will be our new leader”, “what can we do to make this better”, and “why are we (African Americans) treated so badly”. All these unanswered questions within the first 6 songs of the album lead us to a complete change in energy on track 7 titled “ROCKABYE BABY” featuring TDE’s own Schoolboy Q. On this track Joey is fed up with all these questions that cant be answered and decides to let his true frustrations and anger out with a very raw and emotional “enough is enough” type attitude. All while still keeping things hip-hop, Joey continues to release this frustration but behind real instrumentation and boom-pap style drums with features also from Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, Meechy Darko, Styles P, Chronixx, and J. Cole.

Overall, this album isn’t just an ordinary album and you can’t just judge it strictly on a dumbed down industry perspective. Every song is a political message to the youth and this is a body of work only the minorities that are aware or relevant within any act of injustice from the law due to their skin tone can understand and appreciate completely. And no other song on the album speaks this loud enough then the last song titled “AMERIKKKAN IDOL” as Joey uses his last 2 minutes on the album to spread awareness to the worlds darkest times of today’s society from a cation to what’s already happened to conspiracy theory’s on why our people are treated so badly. With that being said I believe this body of work has not only put Joey in the argument of one of the most political rappers in today’s game but also one of the most lyrical and intellectual young rappers as well. The ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ project could possibly be the start of a new and permanent lane Joey will be embarking on throughout the rest of his career, being the voice of the people.

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