Grouplove’s newest album, Big Mess, dropped F riday Sept 9th. This eagerly awaited album is Grouplove’s third studio record. Not only does this new album return with the classic Grouplove sound, but it also plays with personal and thematic inspired lyrics.

This album kicks it off with “Welcome To Your Life” as the first track. It is an upbeat, catchy tune with a sound meant for radio, and does a good job of starting the album on the right note. Big Mess, definitely has the same sound as the earlier records by Grouplove, but in this album particularly, there are more apparent outside influences. For one, the ultra ‘90s guitar is especially reminiscent of Nirvana, with an old school rock-pop feel. An additional outside element that is a little more subtle is the underlying theme of this album.

Hannah Hooper, who plays keyboard, and Christian Zucconi, who plays guitar, have both been a part of Grouplove since 2010. Hooper and Zucconi are also married, and have a baby girl. According to Hooper, the new album is inspired by their daugher, and with songs like “Welcome To Your Life,” how can we argue? To further the theme of the album, the eighth track on Big Mess is called “Traumatized,” and is a lyrical expose on the trials of parenthood.  

Big Mess is still shaped by the sound of their past albums, especially Spreading Rumors and Never Trust a Happy Song, however, Big Mess is taking a step in a new direction. Grouplove’s signature sound being the combination of dance style pop, rock, and even a little folk, is now evolving in a new and exciting way. The album Big Mess was not a rushed ordeal, and offers a more mature sound. Grouplove took all of three years to put Big Mess together since their last album, Spreading Rumors, was released in 2013.

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