Young the Giant is a California based indie-rock band, formed in 2004. In 2011, the band released their first full album titled Young The Giant, and three years later, after several released singles, Mind Over Matter hit iTunes on January 21 of 2014. In 2011, However, Young the Giant was caught in the rising tide of indie-rock, and the band was camouflaged under the similar sounds of groups like Arcade Fire and the Shins. With their second album, Mind Over Matter, Young the Giant remained comfortable, as they were fairly well known, but made no move to adapt their sound. However, their newest album, Home of the Strange, offers a refreshing blast of music with an evolved sound and powerful thematic content.

Young the Giant’s newest album was released on August 12 of 2016, and has been highly anticipated since they released the hit single “Amerika” last April, which is the first song on the new album and has a catchy meant-for-radio feel. Home of the Strange consists of the following eleven tracks:

  1. Amerika
  2. Something to Believe In
  3. Elsewhere
  4. Mr. Know-It-All
  5. Jungle Youth
  6. Titus Was Born
  7. Repeat
  8. Silvertongue
  9. Art Exhibit
  10. Nothing’s Over
  11. Home of the Strange

With the lead singer, Sameer Gadhia being the son of two Indian immigrants, the bassist, Payam Doostzadeh who is of Persian descent, and the Canadian drummer, Francois Comtois, Young the Giant is a diverse group growing in popularity. Although the band hasn’t officially claimed a political stance for their music, it doesn’t take much to infer that this new album is heavily based around the theme of diversity, national identity, and immigration. In this album, Young the Giant has stepped away from the usual indie acoustics, and made a move toward a more mature and elaborate mix of sound. With the funky, ‘70s inspired “Mr. Know-It-All,” the radio hit “Amerika,” and “Home of the Strange” to cap it all off, Young the Giant’s newest album is a breath of fresh air.


Favorite song: Amerika

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