Michael David Rosenberg, known as Passenger onstage, is an English singer. Rosenberg spent some time busking after he decided to go for a solo career. In 2012, Rosenberg’s hit “Let Her Go” topped the charts internationally. The newest Passenger album is Young as the Morning Old as the Sea, the eighth studio album by Rosenberg.

Difficult as it is to live up to “Let Her Go,” Rosenberg continues to put out new music. The artist has moved farther away from his original campfire-pop sound that was especially prominent in “Let Her Go.” Rosenberg, having learned classical guitar at a young age, seems to have moved toward a more classical sound, although keeping the predominant indie-folk influence. Young as the Morning Old as the Sea (Deluxe Version) holds seventeen tracks, and is definitely an album for the autumn season, offering the warmth of a campfire with an almost Jack Johnson guitar quality. Although, upon listening to the full album, there isn’t much differentiation between the individual track, as they all have the same quality and tend to blend together. The lack of separation between tracks isn’t necessarily a problem because it makes for extremely easy listening.

Young as the Morning Old as the Sea is a great album for background listening or walking from class to class, but it lacks the depth, diverse musical quality, and catchy nature of earlier Passenger works. With that said, this eighth studio album is of course not a bad listen; it’s just not as fresh as it could be. Although, the inspiration for the album title, the track “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea,” is probably the most interesting song in terms of lyrics and layered sound, and therefore is a personal favorite.

The tracklist for the Deluxe Version is:

  1. “Everything”
  2. “If You Go”
  3. “When We Were Young”
  4. “Anywhere”
  5. “Somebody’s Love”
  6. “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea”
  7. “Beautiful Birds” (feat. Birdy)
  8. “The Long Road”
  9. “Fool’s Gold”
  10. “Home”
  11. “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” (acoustic)
  12. “Fool’s Gold” (acoustic)
  13. “Beautiful Birds” (acoustic)
  14. “Everything” (acoustic)
  15. “The Long Road” (acoustic)
  16. “When We Were Young” (acoustic)

Favorite song: “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea”

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