alexis-las-vegas-sign-103Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alexis Robinson is driven young woman who has a heart and passion for the athletic world. Growing up in a basketball family, and playing sports of her own, Robinson has decided to take her love for sports and mold it into an agency known as, Diamond MPR Agency. Known for “Curating the Cool,” this agency takes notable names from the sport and entertainment industry and helps them grow within themselves and their brand.


Q: What is Diamond MPR? Can you give us a little background on that? 

A: Diamond MPR is a full service marketing and PR firm. We work with professional athletes, that’s how I started, and then we moved on to entertainers. So, we have music artists, reality TV stars, business owners that just need help moving forward, and I also run some really cool sporting events, as well. We kind of just handle it all and I just say that my company is about making my clients bigger than what they already are and build their brands! 


Q: What gave you the inspiration to want to start your own PR firm? 

A: I went to school to play tennis and I thought that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but after an injury, I has to go back to college, so that was kind of crazy! Once I went back to college, I decided to do something related to sports, since that’s all I know and I got involved with a PR firm, where I was interning for Deion Sanders. Things began to build from there basically! The lady who was a direct PR for Sanders, her and I started getting more clients. Since I come from a big basketball family, I also introduced her to the basketball world. Things were really going great! A year ago, I told myself, “You know what? I have so many connections and I think I can do this on my own.” So I took a leap of faith and lucked out! That’s why I’m focused on telling my story, so that I can help girls who are interested in this field because, it is not easy! 


Q: Are you originally from Las Vegas or did you move there to start your business? 

A: No, I was born and raised here! There aren’t that many of us, haha, but I am prideful of that! I love my city, I love where I grew up! I went to school in Oklahoma and Utah, then I lived in Dallas for a little bit. It’s funny because, my mom is from New Orleans and my dad is from San Fransisco, so we don’t really know how we ended up is Las Vegas. I’ve been back two years and I’m very happy to be back now that I am done with school and I have my company. Because I have such a strong love for this city, I try to do everything I can for it, especially my sporting events. I try to hold them here because Vegas isn’t really known for sports, but I’m trying to evolve that. 


Q: Have you had any setbacks in creating/executing this company? 

A: Yeah, there’s always been setbacks. Especially personal ones, you know, they fall back on me. This past summer I had a really bad break-up and I also had health issues, I have Lupus. I was having health and stress issues at the time and that was major setback for me because I am the CEO of my own company. I had to force myself to get back into the groove of things, but now I am focused on perseverance. It takes a lot to handle things yourself all the time, so that, to me was another setback as well. I love doing the actual work, but you also have to do the work behind-the-scenes. It’s been crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! 


bahrain-w-duff2Q: Who are some of the notable names you work, or have worked, with? 

A: DJ Duffey, who is the star of Basketball Wives LA. She’s also Curren$y’s DJ and she also DJ’d for French Montana. I’ve got to work with Tiny Archibald, I did a service project with him two years ago with the NBA All-Stars, and I’ve come in contact with Jen Welter, who is the first NFL coach. It’s just really cool to see your brand grow and come in contact with so many notable names. Like I said, I’m really heavy on this “Women in Sports” movement! I’ve worked with some really cool people. In the future, I hope to work with brands such as Nike and Beats by Dre.



Q: What was it like working with Vashti Cunningham? 

A: Aw Vashti! So, I am actually the PR Director for Bishop Gorman High School basketball, here in Las Vegas. They have a HUGE sports program. They breed some of the best athletes. We’ve had DeMarco Murray, Zack Collins, and Chuck O’Bannon, just these really great athletes. So, Vashti was actually one of them! She went to Bishop Gorman and it’s funny because, last year I ran this tournament called the Tarkanian Classic, and she was one of my interns. She was helping me with setting up for media, etc. She’s just this tall, beautiful girl who played basketball and volleyball, but then I found out she was training to be in the Olympics for track! She was just a former intern of mine and now she’s doing GREAT things. 





fab-48-w-mudiaysQ: Being a woman and taking this industry head on, what do you hope to gain from this company? What are some differences you hope to make in the gender gap of the entertainment/PR industry? 

A: My MAIN focus is to help girls take on these male-driven industries. I actually started contributing to a website, Front Office Sport, where I am basically talking to other girls in the industry, whether it’s sports or entertainment, so that I can give these girls some insight on how they can get in this field. Duffey and I are very adamant about helping these girls grow and succeed! Duffey focuses more so on the entertainment side, seeing as she is a female DJ in the entertainment industry, and as we all known, being a DJ is sort of a male-driven occupation. We’re going to work on an event for next year and we’re going to have a panel of women in these industries and give some PR tips for women who are looking to do sports PR! I want to give these girls ACCESS! If young women want to come intern for me, and they’re in school, I’ll reach out to their school to make sure it’s accredited, use my resources, work with my athletes, be a part of the process and have these credentials. In this industry, it’s not always about what you know, but WHO you know. My tip for girls is to STAY RESILIENT! There’s going to be a lot of setbacks being a girl in this industry and there are going to be guys who don’t take you seriously and then you also have girls who are in this industry for the wrong reasons. 


Q: What is in the future for Diamond PR? 

A: The biggest thing that I want to do, is have employees within the company and have them take care of the clients. I also want to start doing really cool parties and events. If there is every a major event like the Grammys or the U.S. Tennis Open, I want to always have something going on. Whether it’s a party of an event, I want to make sure that my company is always involved! 


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