This past Saturday, I attended the All Def & Ham On Everything showcase at SXSW and gah damn! It exceeded my expectations. Austin was filled with artists and creatives alike, both famous and up & coming, for the annual South By South West (SXSW) festival. The only fault of SXSW was the absence of a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft. (OK I did have to run from gunshots on 6th st. but that’s a story for another day!) The city was filled with too many drunk people calling out for taxis. Anyways, back to the showcase. The 5 hour long showcase had multiple bars inside and free Popeyes to those who got there in time. I’m always down for free food so when I found out they were giving out Popeyes, I was posted at the spot like:

The show was amazing, (I had to wash champagne and water out of my hair). The venue was filled with sweaty, lit, drunk fans going hard for their favorite artist. The energy in the room was incredible. Between drinking at the bar and wafting away smoke clouds, I can say that I was very lit. I had the pleasure of meeting Wifisfuneral, Salma Slims, 24hrs, and Denzel Curry. All of them were down to earth artists with hardworking personas. The showcase featured Denzel Curry, Xavier Wulf, Smoke Purp, 24HRS, Warhol.SS, AJ Tracey, J.K The Reaper, IDontKnow Jeffery, Divine Council and Salma Slims. Even though he wasn’t featured on the flyer, Rob Stone also made an appearance to perform his hit “Chill Bill” alongside Curry who hopped on the remix. The artists featured in this year’s ALL DEF X HAM ON EVERYTHING showcase are the ones you need to watch out for in 2017. Here is a brief description of each artists that I saw perform.

Note: Not all artists that performed were featured in this article because I didnt see them on stage performing.
Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry had the most energetic set by far. He had the entire crowd rocking. Curry even hopped in the crowd and got lit with his fans. When the music was cut off that didn’t stop Curry. He jumped into the crowd and continued to rap. For those who don’t know, Denzel Curry is a Florida based rapper who was featured in the XXL 2016 Freshman Class. Denzel Curry is an EXTREMELY, underrated rapper with a knack for lyricism. The difference between Curry and your favorite rapper is that Curry doesnt make the typical “lets make a fire beat & rap about trapping that we don’t do” song. His ms-usic is deeper than that, he’s a true MC. His music skills are raw and real and that’s something a lot of rappers dont have.

Xavier Wulf

Xavier Wulf ,a Memphis artist formally known as Ethelwulf, took the stage at ALLDEF to perform some of his hits like the speaker busting banger, Who! The rapper’s song Philosopher’s Throne was recently featured on Donald Glover’s hit show Atlanta, creating a new stream of fans for the artists. Wulf is headlining a tour with IDontKnowJeffery this spring. You can buy tickets here.

Salma Slims

The first lady of Private Club Records hit the stage at All Def to perform some of her songs. With the release of her latest project, Ghetto Girl Dream, Slims isn’t letting up any time soon. Before we took the picture Slims had me in a trance during her performance. Her 30 inch (not sure how long) hair swung around her as she performed full out. Slims fan base is steadily growing with more and more hip-hop fans bumping her raw music. What i like about Slims is that she’s relatable, that cant be said for many female rappers. The Ghetto Girl Dream is a project anyone chasing their dreams should listen to. Slim is my girl, I’m rooting for her.


XXL named Florida MC Wifisfuneral as an MC to watch back in October. Fast Forward to March and Wifisfuneral has officially signed to Interscope & Alamo Records. So yeah, he is an artist you need to get savvy to real quick . Wifisfuneral is different and people are finally taking notice. Blessings are raining down on Wifi, he will be performing at the Rolling Loud festival in May alongside an extremely popular lineup that includes artists such as; Travis Scott, Lil wayne, Tyler The Creator, Denzel Curry and Playboi carti in May which is a pretty big freaking deal!


2017 has already been a good year for Florida based rapper Smokepurpp . The artist recently signed with Todd Moscowitz’s new label, Alamo Records where he would be a label mate to Wifisfuneral. As a bonus he received a welcome gift from the label, a diamond chain worth reportedly around 50K. Smokepurpp continies to drop hits as eager fans await the release of his debut mixtape coming sometime this year.


24hrs, who used to go by the stage name, Royce Rizzy hit the stage to perform his hit Gucci Flame. The crowd was too hype when the popular lip rapping social media kid Savannah threw money into the crowd. Yes, i did grab a couple of dollars, I am a college student..every penny counts.. To get his fans ready for the release of his debut project, Open Late,on sunday 24 Hours dropped a new project, Not Open Late. The five track EP includes features from MadeInTYO, Salma Slims, and PnB Rock.

IDontKnowJeffery’s gritty hardcore lyrics and I dont give a fuck attitude isnt for everyone. With songs like No rubbers, After Hours, and Texas just know that your’e not going to find anyone with his ever. I rock with Jeffery!

“When the lyrics are questionable but you still fuck with the song.”

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