“Hold on tight, this ride is a wild one.” And for fans of the band All Time Low, it really has been.

On Tuesday April 5th, the band All Time Low released one of their most sincere music videos yet. Dedicated to the fans, the band used the music video for their single “Missing You” off of their latest album Future Hearts as a platform to express both their gratitude for their fan base, known as “Hustlers”, and to show just how strong of a bond their community has created.  Seen in the video surprise skyping their fans, the music video directly shows fans heartfelt descriptions of how much the band means to them and just how much the band has influenced their lives. From lyric tattoos to the revelation that many fans have met their best friends through being a member of the All Time Low fandom, this music video really shows just how much love there is within this core fan base which has been with the band from day one. Almost a love song to the fans, the song itself promotes strength and endurance, encouraging those who are going through a hard time to hold on to the fact that things will get better; a key message that has been at the core of the groups music for a long time.

Made up of Alex Gaskarth as the lead singer, Jack Barakat on guitar, Zach Merrick on bass, and Rian Dawson as drums, the band has been on the up and up for the past couple of years. Starting in 2003 in Towson Maryland, the group of guys have been together since high school and have truly seen the power of the fans and how it has changed their lives. At the core of their heartfelt video was really the idea that they would be nothing without their fans, and that the fans do mean the world to them. A sentiment that they have stated multiple times over the years, this video really shows that though the group has risen in popularity and acclaim, the core values from when they just started out in Towson have always stayed the same.

This music video debuted just a few days before the album, Future Hearts, celebrated its one year anniversary since its release back in April 2015. Yet another thank you to the fans, the correlation between the anniversary and the music video could not have come at a better time. Though the group made the album, it was the fans who made it possible – a fact that the four guys will never forget. From the looks of joy on their faces at the sight of their fans to the passionate lyrics that filled the space in between, All Time Low wants their fans to know that with them they will always have a home, and in that home they will always be wanted.


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