Inspire, Love, Dream. Three words that Texas native, Amea, lives by and embodies through every piece of work she releases. After releasing her EP, Baggage Claim, in July 2016, Amea kept the energy alive and began working on her latest project, The Colour Series, in August 2016. This collection incorporates new styles, new sounds, and different meanings, that all elude to her legendary motto. Perhaps her biggest accomplishment, as of yet, is the release of the last song on TCS, ‘Rain Dance.’ Rain Dance is a piece of art that will empower you and motivate you to seek the radiance we need in dark times.


Q: What background can you give us on The Colour Series? 


A: The Colour Series is just a compilation of songs that I’ve been working on since August after I dropped Baggage Claim. In The Colour Series, there’s a lot of versatility in the styles and lyrics of the songs, something that is different from Baggage Claim. The last song of TCS, “Rain Dance,” which I am releasing to you all, was produced by me.


Q: What does The Colour Series Mean? 

A: Walter, my manager, and I were sitting around one day, talking about this upcoming project, and we were just recollecting on how different the sounds are from Baggage Claim and his response was, “Yeah, this shows your true colors.” I asked him how I would explain this to other people simply through the title and I landed on The Colour Series. This collection shows who I truly am as an artist and as a person. That’s what The Colour Series means to me.


“This song goes to show that even in a drought, there will always be rain afterwards and it’s important that we celebrate that rain.”

“When I first heard ‘Rain Dance’, I thought of a serene place. This photograph was taken in San Fransisco by the Golden Gate Bridge on a cold, foggy morning. There were lots of people around but the calm waters and foggy mountains created quite a tranquil feeling. ” – Chelsea Cavazos


Q: What are some of the collaborations you made on this project? 

A: Visually, I collaborated with local artists who do digital art. So for the covers of the singles, they were created by the local artists that I had found. I gave them the single to listen to, they would tap into their inner visual talent, and portray the song through their digital art, it was amazing. Sonically, Max Elijah was responsible for the work on Own Network, MTV Cribs, the credit goes to Bamsworth Belli, Who Knows – CJ from Terrejon, and Rain Dance was produced by me, with guitar by Dana Smith from Southtown. 


Q: How long did it take you to develop this project? 

A: I’ve only been working on this since August. I wanted to execute everything perfectly. The title, The Colour Series, wasn’t coined until October, which is when I started releasing.


Q: What themes/moods can be seen throughout this collective? 

A: There’s definitely themes/moods of empowerment, positivity, individuality, an R&B/Maxwell feel, Neo-Soul,  and just giving my supporters a taste of who I am.


Q: What was the best thing about creating this project? 

A: The best thing about creating this song and this project was the PATIENCE! Lyrically, this project was very true to who I am. Production wise, everything was great. I’m glad I worked with versatile people for this project who have an ear for various genres of music. It really helped set the themes for each song perfectly.


Q: When can we expect the full collection to drop? 

A: The full collection will hopefully be available on Spotify and iTunes, January 1st, 2017! I’m going to start working on other projects that will elude to The Colour Series. More openness and more journeys should be expected!


Q: What should your supporters be looking out for for 2017? 

A: In 2017, I want to focus more on KIDS. Most of the music I create now is for the young adults of this generation, but as someone who has a lot of younger family members, I think it’s important to broaden my audience, so I want to start making music that is relatable to kids.


Q: Is there anything you would like your supporters to know? 

A: There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s why Rain Dance is so important to me and why I left it to be the last song of the project. 2016 was a rough year for a great deal of people in this world. This song goes to show that even in a drought, there will always be rain afterwards and it’s important that we celebrate that rain.



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