Kayne West has become known for three things: rap, rants, and his habitual rage towards one individual – Taylor Swift. Of course the now infamous 2009 “I ’ma let you finish” VMA spectacle still haunts West and has been the cause for the consistent idea that he is a bad guy. A few years later many had come to believe that the beef between the two music royalties was over, having been pictured together a few times and having cultivated what, on the outside, looked to be a healthy and friendly relationship. Yet, with the release of his latest album Life of Pablo this year shows, this beef is still fresh and the wounds are still bleeding. Case in point, West went on to even take credit for making Taylor Swift the star that she is with a certain lyric that will surely become equally as infamous as the spat that started it all, if it hasn’t already.

In his track “Famous”, West declares “I think me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous”. A line that has since received a lot of backlash from many people, especially Taylor Swift fans, due to both its attack on Swift and also its misogynistic message. Since its release there have been a number of back and forth between the Swift camp and the West camp, with West saying the Swift had actually approved the line in the song, while Swift adamantly denied his claim. Swift even made a point of insinuating the line when she won Album of the Year at the Grammys earlier this year addressing the idea that people will try to claim what you have built for yourself and that you should never let them. A both inspiring and positive message, it is one that opposing group has since claimed was Swifts attempt to seem like a victim.

Though the tensions has initially died down, they have once again spiked due to recent allegations that have once again thrown gasoline on this ever ready fire. In a recent GQ article, Kim Kardashian, wife of West, re-laid his claims that Swift knew the whole time about the lyric and that now she was pretending to be oblivious so that she could once again play the victim. Kardashian-West even claimed that there is actually a recording of the phone call on which Swift approves the song. Since the interviews publication, Swift has once again denied her approval of the lyric claiming that one cannot approve of something that they had not heard, since she herself did not hear the song until Life of Pablo was released, same as the rest of the world. It is a polarizing dynamic between these two stars; their battle having started out so early in her career and at one of the peak moments of his. Though both have risen since the incident, with Swift becoming the queen of pop and West having come back from the shame of the incident, it seems that this is something that West will never be able to let go. It is no shock that he holds resentment towards her, and maybe even does believe that he helped increase her fame, though it is not possible for him to take credit for it. Swift got to those VMA’s back in 2009 on her own, and has since risen to even greater heights on her own. Though West did help her reach a broader audience, it was through her own tactical measures that she paved her own way in the world of country and pop. Yet, as the gap between 2009 and today continues to grow larger and the ill will between the two continues to grow stronger, one can only imagine to which level this fight will be taken to next.


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