It seems like yet another band finds themselves moving back into the studio as the 2016 music landscape continues to evolve. Now this band, though not a revival band, as most 2016 music ventures have been so far this year, is nonetheless as exciting. The band in question is Paramore, and surprise surprise Haley Williams and the group had more in mind than just an album. Adjusting their ways to that of what has become the ever-growing trend of 2016, Paramore is experiencing a reunion of sorts with their upcoming album in the form of a previous band member returning to the group for one more hurrah.

Paramore has, like many bands over the years, experienced many lineup changes as the group has gone on. Though members like lead singer Haley Williams and have been along for the ride since the groups beginning, others have not made that same decision. This includes brothers Josh and Zac Farro and Jeremy Davis as recently as last year. Now, though the split between the band and member Josh Farro was rather a bit of a controversial, and dare one say dramatic one, it seems that the group still remained on good terms with their old drummer, and his brother, Zac Farro as he will be returning to be on the band’s latest album. Over the past few months, the band has been playing coy with their fans, dropping little hints that something new was coming through various cryptic posts on social media. One of the most cryptic appeared on official band twitter account in June in which she, plus other current band member Taylor York with Farro, all of whom were pictured getting lunch together. Finally, following up that post a few weeks later showing that same group in the studio, saying that lunch was over and that they were making an album.


From there people were both excited and a little bit confused, with many bands being extremely pumped for a new instalment in the Paramore archives, while still being confused as to what Farro’s involvement in the new album would be. Finally around late June, early July, multiple sources came out saying that Farro would be working on this album with Paramore, and this album alone. Each source was very clear that this is not a full reunion with the band, but simply just helping them out on the new album. Besides the hints of Farro’s involvement, the group has been particularly mum on the details of the new album, and presumably will continue to keep up the hint dropping as the creation process gets further along.

Though the band has been going strong since the mid-2000’s, the group still may need the help as they are really no longer a duo, but rather over the years have been continually downsizing. From the loss of the Farro brothers in 2010, to Davis in 2015, the band now primarily consists of only Williams and York. Likewise, the band has experienced bad breakups in various cases, with the Josh Farro drama in 2010, to Davis in early March making claims that lead singer Williams actual backstabbed him out of royalties and credit from the band. Yet despite other drama, it is nice to see the band getting back together with one of the people who helped make them who they are, and is a good way to keep fans positive despite some of this other Davis drama. Either way, Paramore is looking to make waves by producing a new album, and are hoping that Farro’s hand in the mix can help all of their other problems fly far away.


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