Central Florida native, Austin Mercaldi, was blessed with the opportunity to explore his passion for music through the tapes his parents would give him, as well as his own self-discovery of music. With a constant growth and admiration for music, Austin, or Merc, started his music career and released Chapter 1 (Mar. 2016) and Heat of the Summer (May 2016) within the same year, gaining him instant recognition and success in 2016. Almost a year later, Merc released his junior EP, 20/20, which gives us life through the the perspective of Merc himself as he retells his life’s stories, while growing and progressing to define his sound.


Check out Merc’s latest release, 20/20 , as well as his latest interview with us!

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awkward. college student. entrepreneur. womanist. radiant. lover of all things. growing, blossoming each moment.

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