On a fine Sunday morning, surfing the waves a Soundcloud for some new music to listen to, I came across an eyebrow raising talent that struck me after the first listen. He goes by the name of RiccoScreen. Hailing from the city of Tampa, FL, this untapped and unsigned artist has definitely got what it takes to be a great artist for years to come.

After listening to a few of his collabs with other local unsigned Tampa artists like J Brisko, I’ve come to the overall realization that there truly is a lot of untapped potential in the not so small city of Tampa. The fact that RiccoScreen is, at most, 21 years old lets me know that he’s nowhere near his prime and has room to grow not only as an artist but he can grow along with his youthful fan base. This can ultimately lead to stardom in years or maybe even months to come if he plays his cards right and makes all the right moves regarding his actual career. Who’s to say if he even takes it that seriously. All I know is that the man can rap and he’s still young so therefore is a potential gold mine. All he lacks is the proper exposure.

He basically stated in one of his songs that Tampa isn’t really the friendliest place and that people really don’t feel his wave there. Well, with that being said, Screen needs to move maybe to a city like Atlanta because I could definitely see him collaborating with guys like Famous Dex, Rich The Kid, or Lil Uzi Vert. I know this is super random but I really hope this kid sees this and honestly considers the move since Tampa isn’t embracing his sound.

The song that really captured my attention is titled “Teslaaa.” This was released via Soundcloud in 2016 so who knows if Screen has new music lined up. But, if it’s anything like this, I’m sure it will end up on my “good vibes” Soundcloud playlist. RiccoScreen’s soundcloud account is titled “ScreenTheBillionaire”. Be sure to look out for more music from him in the future and remember this is a very undiscovered artist I came across so if you happen to get in contact with him, please, tell him I’m a fan.

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