It was only two weeks ago when up & coming artist, YUNG BANS blessed us with his Valentine’s Day inspired song titled Eye 2 Eye.

Recently YUNG BANS has been dealing with a court case and after his last appearance, BANS went ghost. BANS is currently M.I.A from all of his social media accounts which are now being run by his management team. Tweets from his Twitter account are telling fans to keep the young rapper in their prayers because the court case didn’t go too well. Luckily, BANS left his music catalog with his management team so if he is gone for an extended time, we can still enjoy his artistry. YUNG BANS is on my Artist To Watch list for 2017, so I’m really hoping and praying that he gets through this ordeal swiftly and without any loses.

While we await for more information from his management team, fans can find peace in knowing that YUNG BANS has an upcoming EP set for release soon. The upcoming project is titled Blood Thirsty the EP. The project was posted on Twitter along with the haunting caption, “The only way out is always through”. I cant wait to see what YUNG BANS has in store for the 2017 year. All our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family at this time. #FREEBANS

Wanna know more about YUNG BANS? Watch his “My Story Vlog 1” below.


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