We have seen lots of angles of life be depicted on television shows to speak to a specific audience. One that we have not seen anything like is a more recent show named ATLANTA. This show highlights the music industry through an average Joe named Earnest with a heavy past. Earnest is struggling to maintain his daily necessities while knowing there is much more to life. He realizes his strength while managing his cousin Alfred, also known as, Paper Boy the rapper. Here are couple things I’ve seen to be particularly displayed through this show:


1. The industry: This is the biggest thing I’ve seen be represented is the progression of connections. A lot of times you may know someone talented from a distance and one day you turn around and they’re famous. As a regular person, you wonder how does something like this occur. Well Atlanta shows the series of events that may occur on the importance of making small connections with people to get where you need to go. It also shows how unpromising things may be and that it may take longer than expected to be where you want to be. Someone may be on the radio, but that may not mean they are no longer struggling.

2. Struggle: My point before segways perfect into the concept of struggle in this show. At times it’s almost comedic to watch Earnest as well as Paperboy struggle. As funny as it may be at times, this is a reality we all live in at some point in life. They show little things occurring like dining fancy and not knowing if you have money for the check. This all develops the story for us to rejoice when the plot thickens and hopefully we see them attaining success.

3. Artistry: A lot of artists rap about things they may not fully abide by. Paperboy is an Atlanta native who raps about life from his perspective. We watch him battle with the things he raps about when he witnessed a younger boy picking up after his lyrics and being violent. It shows him reflect on things he may say that influence the youth in the wrong direction and we see this with our artists today as well.

4. Dreams: No matter what your plans may be to play it safe, dreams are just something no one can shake. Even if someone does invest in something “safe” in society, they may not be happy within. In the plot it’s revealed that Earnest went to Princeton University, an ivory league college, and managed to be pursuing music. Being a college student, I see this all the time and it’s saddening yet inspiring. It’s a constant reminder not to live life for anyone, but yourself. Atlanta is certainly worth checking out! It airs every Tuesday night on FX. Lastly, It connects to everyone in some form and shares a story worth telling.

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