childish-gambinoThe future has been awakened with Gambino’s funky, psychedelic new album.

2016 has undoubtedly been a great year for black musicians. Beyonce, Rihanna, Rae Sremmurd, Drake, Travis Scott, and so many more artists delivered great pieces of work this year. But the year couldn’t end without the release of  Childish Gambino’s new album,  Awaken My Love! After a long rainy day and a visit to the art gallery (and the weed man) I finally got home to listen to the album.

Here are my favorite tracks off the masterpiece.

Me and Your Mama

Arguably one of the best tracks off the album, this song gives me goosebumps. Me and Your Mama blends funk and rock to send you into dreamland. My mind was vivid with images created from the melodies in this song. The gospel choir along with the lone soulful voice in this song create peace in my mind. I can’t put this song into words. You must listen for yourself.


Electric piano, guitars, and the drums! This song is straight funkyyy and it gives you that throwback feeling.  When I first played this song I imagined my mom (a redbone woman) in a kitchen cleaning during the 70s.  Then I imagined myself blasting it with my windows down on a highway, blunt in hand. What i’m trying to say is, this song just makes you feel good. It’s too catchy not to sing along to. The harmonies and melodies are on point. Even our parent’s generation would approve.


In Terrified Gambino talks about how even when you’re living off the high of life, there is a chance that it could all fall down. “Just hide, You know that you’re the one, that’s terrified, Just hide, You know that you’re the one, that’s terrified”  The production on this song is straight flames. The hook of this song along with the guitar in the background is straight vibes. The hook on this song is probably my favorite hook out of all of the songs on this masterpiece. Towards the end of the song we hear an appearance by a female vocalist, that I am assuming to be Willow Smith’s angelic voice. Everything that girl touches is gold. Two beautiful minds on one song, Terrified is a must listen.


This song is haunting.. in a good way. “All I see is zombies Hear them screaming at her, They can smell your money And they want your soul.” The message in the song deals with the evils of fame and fortune. It seems that Childish is telling us about how people in the industry will want to fuck with you simply to make a profit. They could care less about your well being because money and power is the main goal at the end of the day. Everyone in the industry wants something out of you and there is nowhere to hide, there’s no safe space, you are trapped. This song can also be a metaphor for people around Childish who have no talent yet want to reap the same fame and fortunate that he has achieved. The zombies will leech off of you to feed their own agenda. Kanye called them Wolves, Gambino calls them zombies.

Stand Tall

Gambino delivers us a message about not giving up with the track, Stand Tall. Gambino recounts the wisdom he received over the years from his mother and father about following your dreams and staying strong. “Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall, If you are strong you cannot fall, There is a voice inside us all so smile when you can, when you can.” This song is absolutely beautiful. Towards the end of the song the beat switches into a euphoric sound. The beautiful flutes in the background were enough to send me to another dimension. I recommend this song to anyone doubting their hopes and dreams. Remember to Stand Tall.


2016 was a crazy year and Childish Gambino has come to heal us all. I think Gambino wants us all to awaken. Leave 2016 in 2016. Awaken yourself to new ideas, a better mindset, release the chains society has tried to confine you to. The black man magic radiating from each track on this album was enough to have me smiling in my sleep. This album is feel good music, the love radiating from it is undeniable. If you were to look up vibes in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Awaken, My Love! Gambino showed us that he is years ahead and this album is timeless, an instant classic.

Thank You Gambino.


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