Who’s ready to get back to Mars? 30 Seconds to Mars that is. The band has just confirmed this week, through a subtle omission by the multi-talented leader of the band himself, Mr. Jared Leto, who announced that they are currently working on a new album. The band also includes Jareds older brother, Shannon Leto, on drums, along with Tomo Milicevic as lead guitar. This is big news for any 30 Seconds to Mars fans who have eagerly awaited for new material – with the bands previous album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams having come out back in 2012. In a field where the bar has already been set pretty high this year, from new Panic! At the Disco to new Pierce the Veil, to the return of classics like Blink-182 and Red Hot Chili Peppers, 30 Seconds to Mars has the power to add a whole new layer to the already eclectic rock scene that has sculpted the early months of 2016.

The news came about earlier this week, on Wednesday May 18th, during one of Leto’s many stops in promotion for his return to the big screen. In his most recent visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show, Leto, while promoting his latest film Suicide Squad which is released August 5th in which Leto plays the iconic Joker, announced that he is currently in the studio working on some new music. He went on to further confirm that the band is currently working on their fifth studio album and that they aim for the album to be released very soon. Though Leto was a bit mum on the details, this comes as no surprise to any avid 30 Seconds to Mars fans, many of whom have picked up on hints from Leto that the band was in the process of working on new music. This included several cryptic snapchats and various social media posts, specifically a snapchat that featured Leto in a recording studio.

Also while visiting the show, Leto participated in a game of Never Have I Ever, in which he played with fellow musician Drake, who was being interviewed about the release of his latest album Views – which has just spent its second week at number 1 atop the Billboard Hot 100’s. In the game both singers revealed that they have each hooked up with a fan while on tour – officially sparking hope in two fan bases and breaking wallets as people now had a greater incentive to buy tickets if they hadn’t had one already. Likewise they each admitted to googling themselves, to having made out with someone twice their age before, and that they had each expressed their feelings for a girl in their music before. All of which were greeted by the crowds delight.  If any of their past albums have shown fans anything, it is to never expect anything from 30 Seconds to Mars. Known for their diverse range and sound, the new album can only promise another incredible journey that only the likes of this band can tell.


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