This past Friday, Young Thug dropped his heavily anticipated singing album “Beautiful Thugger Girls”, and he didn’t disappoint at all. Young Thug’s albums are always loved and they always have a couple hits on there. With Thug being a rapper, a lot of people were hesitant about this album because it is a singing album and it was heard that he may have a country music based song on there. Of course though, once the album dropped at midnight, it instantly became the topic of everyone’s conversation. His album consists of 14 songs all which have a unique beat or verse to it.

Young Thug always has some great songs that people feature on. He chose the right artists to feature on the right songs which is what made the album even better. His album features Millie Go Lightly, Gunna, Future, Jacquees, Lil Durk, and Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg is on a song?! Exactly, Snoop Dogg doesn’t feature on just any song, so you know it’s something great. One of his “country themed” songs feature Millie Go Lightly who is a British artist and beautifully harmonizes with Thug.

This is technically a singing album, but he still does some rapping. He still has his clever, catchy hooks and some crazy bars. Now personally, this is the album of the year. Not only has Young Thug appealed to his fans, but he appealed to thousands of different audiences who like different sounds of music. He’s an extremely creative artist, and his creativity was evident in this project. It’s some of his best work and I recommend everyone to listen regardless of what type of music you like, artists you like, don’t like, etc. Just listen to the album!


Here’s one of my 12 favorite songs off of the 14 track long album:


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