Even though their relationship status has not been confirmed, the Twenty88 album collaborators, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko are on of the best dressed duos in Hollywood at the moment.


Jhene and Sean both seem to favor bold looks as well as classic style. Jhené obviosuly favors silk outfits while Sean typically favors a denim look and is almost always seen in a baseball cap.


Here the couple matches in a subtle way. Both of the stars decided to step out in denim on denim outfits outfits.


The best way that any guy can show off his girl is by blowing up a picture of her face and wearing it on a t-shirt.


The couple was seen out together attending Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday party earlier this week. Jhené rocks her favorite look of a silk outfit. Jhené mixes it up by wearing silk pieces that are all different colors. Meanwhile Sean wears a magenta denim jacket over a baby pink hoodie while wearing light blue distressed jeans. Once agains the couple subtly matches by both wearing pink tops and blue pants.


These outfits are not so subtle when it came to coordinating. Big Sean and Jhené are seen wearing matching “Mom and Dad” denim hats while both wearing a flashy bomber jacket.


Once again Jhené is seen in head to toe silk. This time her silk outfit consist of all nude colors. Meanwhile, Sean shows off his urban style once again with his all black outfit, sneakers, and army green jacket.

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