BET’s The New Edition Story has fans craving more of New Edition, more of cast members and more BET biopics.

The New Edition Story hit big it’s premier week. BET experienced its highest ratings in five years. Fans approve the well-produced biopic and appreciate the story’s depth. Some fans even suggest that the cast selection must have been handpicked by the New Edition members themselves. The young actors are definitely artists in their own right.

Thanks to BET the New Edition’s Spotify streams have increased by over 630 %. The fans want more. New Edition is also trending in Apple’s Music play. At a very young age, the group was once the R&B “it” group of the !980’s and 1990’s. The group went double platinum and continued to release top hits such as “Can You Stand the Rain” and “If it Isn’t Love”. New Edition later called it quits. Although all of their artists, with the exception of the three members that created Bell Biv Devoe, took on solo careers, their fans were at odds from the group’s dismissal. That was until BET’s three-day miniseries settled the score.

Viewers were pleased from the authenticity of the miniseries and how well the actors took on their roles. The actors did not disappoint. Who were they and where did they come from? Viewers were curious to know them after their performance in The New Edition Story. 

Viewers are making requests for future biopics. They want more. BET’s The New Edition Story gave their fans and viewers a raw look behind the scenes and that’s what the people crave.

-Plychette Montgomery




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