In most cases, Beyonce’s presence is worshiped and highly requested. However, that wasn’t the case at the CMAs. The superstar’s performance wasn’t embraced by most “country music” Fans or artists.

Many CMA artists and fans took to twitter slamming Beyonce’s performance with the Dixie Chicks as if the superstar invaded the Country Music Awards. Even if she was invited, ”why would she perform”, they wondered.

There was no question on rather or not the singer could hum a country tune. The singer’s vocal talents prove she could carry just about any tune. So why the dismay? She’s not just any singer; she’s the biggest out right now, worldwide! The backlash was questionable. Although Beyonce’s particular genre was not that of country music, didn’t mean that she wasn’t a fan of it. In fact, her Lemonade includes a country song “Daddy Lessons”, which was included in her performance with the Dixie Chicks.


Country music originated in the south from folk music and blues music. Although it has a different sound, it’s southern hospitality seems to come natural to an artist with southern roots. A performance at the CMAs 50th year anniversary celebration would be an honor and a token of appreciation for its music influence. Beyonce’s performance sparked an agenda it seems.

Earlier this year her video release of “Formation” caused controversy over the “blackness” or “pro-blackness” conveyed in the video. There was speculation that the superstar was supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement and promoting black power. The stigma associated with her “Formation” video backlash seemed to have followed her to the CMAs. Being that the country music genre is preferred by a predominantly white audience, her performance would not have seemed necessary nor wanted. Sad but true.


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