There are not enough days in the year to celebrate the African American heroes. Their accomplishments are plentiful and their significance are worthy of acknowledgment. While there are several African American heroes that are very popular, there are many that are hardly mentioned.

It’s important to recognize those that are hardly noticed and inform others on their contribution to society.

African-American Inventors


Garret Morgan- Born in Paris, Kentucky, Morgan only attained an elementary education. Morgan invented the three-position traffic signal, hair straightening products, and a safety hood breathing device (gas mask).


Lewis Latimer- Born in Chelsea, Mass. His parents were runaway slaves but escaped the fate by being awarded freedom in Massachusetts. Latimer patented a carbon filament for the incandescent light bulb, which helped make electricity more affordable. Latimer helped draft the drawings for the first telephone. This was an engineering breakthrough.


Sarah E. Goode- Born in 1850 as a slave. After the Civil War, Goode was freed. Goode invented the folding bed (Murphy bed). She was the first African-American to receive a United States patent.


Marie Van Brittan Brown- Born in Queens, New York. Brown invented the home security system in 1966 with the help of her husband.


Andrew Jackson Beard – Born in Alabama. Beard spent the first 15 years of his life as a slave but later emancipated. Beard invented the Plow in Birmingham, AL. Beard later invented the Automated  Railroad Car Coupler, “Jenny”. He later sold the patented invention to the railroad industry.


Listed here are a small portion of great African-American inventors but the five listed are very significant. Their contributions are monumental to the African-American race.


-Plychette Montgomery

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