That day one Sistah’, always been with ya’, seen the beginning of your dreams and even talked them over with cha’, mediocre she seems but only because you’re with her, above average her means but you don’t get the picture.

She sets you up for success and then lays your foundation, she appreciates your best as well as your basic, nonetheless she counts on you, she depends on your presence, she praises your company and graces its essence.

Sister girl got it going on and doesn’t even know, or maybe she knows it but chooses not to show it, ’cause she puts you first and that’s what makes her special, that’s what makes her different, that’s what makes her better, better than the average, better than ever, you’d better watch out, better be clever.

Better stop stalling, or creeping whenever with whoever, you bet, you better do better. That woman’s intuition will find its way close, closer than you expected, closer than close, but you never mind that ’cause she’s a part of your team, apart from all others, she gave life to your dreams.

Now you’re living your dreams and she’s just another Sistah, just another woman, just another pusher, just another backbone unappreciated, just another woman that love seems outdated, underrated and played with, again she’s mishandled by every other brother that makes it and ran to, the other woman or another woman, the colored woman is mistreated but the Sistah know she’s loyal and there when she’s needed.

-Plychette Montgomery

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