When you see this headliner you’re probably thinking…Black girl? Blogging? Where is this? I want to join. Blogging could be something you do as a career, but we all have a story we’re documenting somewhere. The movement is just as important as the creator. Iyana Eduoard, a University of North Texas Alumna, is the pioneer for this brand. She recently graduated last spring of 2016 and has moved to California to accomplish more within her career. During her senior year,while maintaining her school load, she was on the executive board for National Association of Black Journalists and began writing her book Black Girl Blogging in December of 2015 using a web hosting environment like Her story of triumph academically to being on academic suspension to graduating on the presidents lists has influenced many. To prevent you guys from becoming bored with my words, I asked the source a series of questions to better our understanding on Black Girl Blogging:

1. Where do you feel the longevity is in journalism financially?

Journalism’s financial longevity is definitely in digital content. Such as online writing, social media, and YouTube. Publications that realize how important digital content is are the ones that are going to last.

2. How do you maintain new ideas for content?

I honestly have story ideas, my brain is constantly questioning the way something is or why it is that way and that usually leads me to a story. I’m very observant of the world around me and what’s going on.

3. How do journalists make their mark individually?

I don’t think telling the same info is a bad thing necessarily it’s needed. If you’re the one writer that doesn’t write about some big news story that everyone is talking about it looks bad. But in order to stand out style and personal branding is key. If you have a set style and brand that only you can offer that’s what makes you different.

4. What does the brand symbolize?

just started as the name of my book but it’s transforming into a brand and idea I’m really falling in love with because black bloggers are literally everywhere but they aren’t as recognized. Not because of the color of their skin just because it’s one of those activities that apparently “black people don’t do” (like camping or snow boarding lol) symbolized that. Blogging is something that we do. There’s actually a very large community of us and I want to contribute to that growth. Be on the look out for more of Black Girl Blogging. The book will be released sometime between September, and October. It will be on iBooks, Amazon, and Kindle. There will also be merchandise available such as the picture below, and the feature photo. In the mean time, continue blogging black girls!


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