Get excited 90’s lovers, because Blink is back.

That’s right, Blink-182 has come back in full force, coming out with a new song, a new album, and a new summer tour. Hype for the bands most recent comeback since their 2011 album Neighborhoods has been swirling around for months, with the hype only continuing to grow. Their newest album, the bands seventh studio album, California, is set to be released on July 1st, 2016. This all coming after controversy over  vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge’s status in the band – though he has recently confirmed to Rolling Stones Magazine that he never actually left the band, though he was believed to have in 2015, having been replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. Either way, it is great to see Mark Hoppus, on lead vocals and bass, Travis Barker on drums, and guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba all back together again doing what they do best – creating great music.

On April 28th, 2016, the band came out with their first single from their upcoming album, called “Bored to Death”. Right off the bat, the Blink-182 vibe we all know and love is back – taking a few minutes to get past the initial wave of nostalgia that hits you, in order to really get deep into the song. Yes, this is the sound we know and love, but there is a definite edge to it. Between the lyrics and the underlying guitar beat, there is an originality to the song that makes it able to sound so different, yet so similar to the Blink-182 sound that made them the powerhouse force that once dominated the music scene. Even the lyrics of the song are incredible; with a specificity and acute detail that creates such distinctive imagery without even trying to. The chorus itself has a great beat to it, with the overall climax of the song using a type of repetitive nature that just manages to be the right amount of repetition to perfectly compliment the whole song itself. Nothing feels out of place, but rather it is the type of song where you couldn’t imagine it being tweaked in any other way.

After coming off of years of worrying about what the term “indefinite hiatus” really means, the clouds seem to have official parted and the band is bringing the jams back – for Blink-182 fanatics, this first showing of what’s ahead for the Blink 182 revival is a great first taste of what’s to come. Yet, that wasn’t the only good sign that came to fans that same day. Nope, not only did they get a taste of the first song, but fans were also treated to a tour announcement with a spectacular lineup. Tagging along with Blink-182 will be A Day to Remember, All Time Low, and All-American Rejects; bringing together as many corners of the punk rock community as possible to one tour. Now, for fans whose minds weren’t already spinning with glee at the new song, their heads have indeed exploded with the announcement of this tour. All in all, April 28th was a great day to be a Blink-182 fan, and is, from the looks of it, everyday set to follow.


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