Since the 1990’s, the West Coast has been a hot bed for amazing talent, and in recent years, it’s produced so much that the region has a legitimate argument to say their only competition is the South on who’s in control of hip-hop right now. The West, mainly California, has produced legends such as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy- E from Los Angeles, Snoop Dogg from Long Beach, and E-40 from the Bay, but in recent years, they have produced and Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, and ScHoolboy Q of Black Hippy, Dom Kennedy, YG, Vince Staples, and Iamsu!. Although, there is many faces from his home state that are getting exposure, this hard-working rapper has hustled all for a better life for his child and has taken to new heights.
I first discovered Boogie when he got an interview with HotNewHipHop in June of 2014, surprisingly a week before his debut mixtape, Thirst 48, was going to release. I read it without any prior knowledge of the rapper, but after being a fan of HotNewHipHop for a long period of time, I knew there had to be something there for them to interview him that early. After the article, I had the preconceived notion that he was another lyrical rapper from California that would take a while toboogie_2 break through. His debut mixtape proved me wrong, and I was glad it did. The day Thirst 48 dropped was already a special day for Boogie, as it was the birthday of his son Darius, Over the eleven songs, Boogie showed his lyrical prowess with ease, but wielded his greatest asset: his raw and vulnerable honesty. Instead of going on about taking girls and getting money on all of his songs, Boogie would be so honest that it somewhat seemed like he was exposing himself for what he refers as the “thirst”: the over concern of social media antics that could possibly mess up thing in your real life. The mixtape made a substantial amount of buzz in the region and online the up and comer, but he knew it did not stop there.

Boogie waited a year to release his second mixtape, The Reach, on the one year anniversary of Thirst 48, and was supported the dark, unfiltered banger “Oh My”. Boogie’s hard work paid off and kicked into a new gear when he signed to Interscope Records in August of last year. In an interview with HotNewHipHop on signing with Interscope, He admits that his new label had showed interest in him after Thirst 48 came out, and after The Reach released, there was no doubts in their minds. He immediately got to work on his next project, dropping songs occasionally through the rest of the year. The wait was for a new project from Boogie last Friday when Thirst 48, Pt. II was released on all streaming platforms. With three mixtapes under his belt, and a never-ending work ethic, an official album from Boogie cannot be far behind. Check out some Boogie’s “Oh My” below.

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