dscn1414As a black hijabi with natural hair, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing my hair. “Who’s going to see my hair anyways?!” I think to myself every wash day. I love being able to just put it all in a bun and throw a beanie over everything, but that plan falls apart if I’m particularly going to a rather elegant or professional event. Another thing I loath is taking 30 minutes to wrap my scarf into a “turban” look  and then suffering as the scarf presses against my ears the entire day. I turned to the Internet months ago looking for an easy solution to maximize my laziness, and after a lot of searching, I found the answer to my problems: MakeupByRoseXOXO Bow Turbans.


You’ve probably heard of MakeupByRoseXOXO. It’s a Youtube channel run by Rose Siard, a popular Makeup Artist, Singer and Songwriter. I’d also label her as a entrepreneur. Why, you ask? She originally made her bow turbans and headbands for the purpose of enhancing her final makeup looks, but after so many wanted in on this cute accessory, she started a business out of them. Going on her website at MakeupByRoseXOXO.com, you’ll now find she’s expanded heavily on this accessory: her turbans and headbands come in an endless range of colors, patterns and fabrics.

I decided to get one; a basic black bow turban so I can see for myself if the $25.00 price tag was worth it in buying more (it was).


This turban from day one has become a staple for many of my outfits. The first day I wore it, I got many compliments and questions of where I bought it from and if I had tied the bow or wrapped it all myself. It’s lighter than tying a long scarf, as well as more elegant and classy than just wearing a plain beanie. What I didn’t know before buying this cap is that the bow is also removable and interchangeable with other caps on her website. My only complaint about these products is that the brand logo is stitched to the bottom outside of the cap…and it’s noticeable, however not a deal-breaker for me.

dscn1413In all, I LOVE her variety of bow turbans and headbands and I definitely plan on buying more soon especially for those harsh winter months. Surely, there is something on her site that you will fall in love with. Go check them out!


Turban – MakeupByRoseXOXO.com 

Dress – POLO Ralph Lauren

Jacket – Express

Photographed by Ibrahim Albannay

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