2017 has been an outstanding year for this new- wave of R&B. Artist like Sza, Daniel Caesar, Khalid, Sabrina Claudio and now Brent Faiyaz are redefining the R&B genre. From neo-soul and gospel mash-ups to 90’s R&B vibes meshed with jazz and electronic sounds these artist are creating a new genre of music and I’m completely here for it.

Brent Fayiaz, you know the guy who sang the silky smooth hook on “Crew”? Yea, well about two weeks ago he released his debut album Sonder Son. The album has 13 tracks, each distinct in its own way.

“Crew,arguably one of the best songs of 2017, was the first time I ever heard Fayiaz’s beautiful voice. When it was announced that the man behind those angelic vocals would be dropping an album I was ecstatic. However, to be honest the first time I heard Sonder Son I wasn’t all that impressed. So I listened again and came to the conclusion that this album is one you have to listen to more than once.

The first time I listed to Sonder Son, I wasn’t as focused and in tune as I should have been. I was trying to rush the process and anyone who knows anything about music knows you can’t rush it.

The second time I listened to the project I heard riffs and rats and ad-libs that I completely missed the first time around. I was more in tune with the beats Faiyaz sang over and even more in tune with his lyriscm.

Sonder Son is a project that blends classic 90’s R&B,  indie acoustics and jazz and the meshing of all these different genres created something beautiful.

As I said before, each track on this album is distinct in its own way. Take a track like ” Talk 2 U” which serves hella 90’s R& b vibes, to a track like “Sonder Son” which is very simple and harps on Fayiaz’s vocal abilities, not to mention the beautiful acoustic guitar playing in the background. Then you have a track like ” Burn One” which combines classic R&B with this interesting acoustic beat. Although each track on this album is different they all form this cohesive sound and vibe that in turn form this one of a kind R&B album.

Sonder Son, is one of the alums that gets better and better each time you listen to it, which is remarkable considering that it’s already good t begin with.








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