There are not many that can mirror the late artist Prince and that number gets even smaller within the celebrity population. Bruno Mars’ tribute to the singer-songwriter is sure to please the Prince fans.

Prince had a unique style that could hardly be duplicated. His funky hair styles, distinctive wardrobe choice and sensitive demeanor set him apart from any other artist. The selection process of who would do the artist justice could’ve been mind-boggling….or not!

However, Bruno Mars’ impression of the artist fit perfectly.

The 24k Magic singer’s Grammy performance of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” stunned the crowd because of Mars ability to play the part so well. Morris Day, who sang alongside the late artist Prince, was impressed even. “Bruno ripped it up,” Days stated,”I don’t think there’s another artist who could pull it off as perfectly with us.” Judging from the crowd’s reaction, Day’s statement seemed sufficient.


Aside from Day’s reaction, the reaction of the viewers showed nothing less than a positive reception.


Although the tribute performance took much planning, Mars brought life to the performance and a sense of authenticity. The attentive detail of Mars’ wardrobe selection contributed to the presence of the late artist. Mars’ purple sequined jacket, white ruffled shirt, and fitting pants was tailored to Prince’s unique style.

In addition to the pristine style, Mars’ vocals and guitar skills also contributed to a successful Prince Tribute at the Grammys. There’s no doubt this tribute is legendary and noteworthy not only in the eyes of the audience/viewers, but in the eyes of Prince himself.


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