Pull Up in that bald head, Amber Rose, hey Amber!

Has everyone’s favorite crazy rapper 21 Savage found the girl that makes him live up to his “I’m a savage to these ***, but to her I’m gentle?” Just this past week, Amber Rose posted a video of 21 cutting his dreads calling him “baby”, and being all cute. Yeah, exactly. Amber Rose. Wiz Khalifa’s ex, mother of Sebastian, feminist, author, beautiful, Amber Rose. It’s crazy to think that last year 21 came out with his debut album “Savage Mode” with songs like “Bad Guy”, everyone’s favorite “No Heart”, and “Savage Mode” it’s crazy that a year later he finally found the perfect woman for him. No one expected him to find someone just because it seemed as if he didn’t really care too.

Will Amber negatively or positively affect his music? Will he have a positive or negative impact on Amber and Khalifa’s son? I don’t think Amber Rose is negatively affecting his music. They just recently began “dating” and she was married to a rapper before so she’s aware and okay with everything that comes with that life. She may him to give him a few “no guns in the house” speeches, but I somehow see the cute little sweetheart in that hood rapper and I think this is great for him. They’re showing each other off too! They brag about each other in videos and interviews, Amber posts vides of her listening to his music and of course she’s starting to say “issa” which pretty much originated from 21.

Watch this recent interview so you can see what I’m talking about

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