On his 2015 album Year Of The Savage, Robb Bank$ dropped quite a few hints. Multiple hints related to his most recent project Calendars 2. The 12-song mixtape is essentially an dedication to the Broward County native’s original fans; those that heavily supported the legendary Calendars mixtape. To give it that nostalgic feel Bank$ goes the extra mile and gives his C2 intro the same sound bite and title from Calendars. Also he incorporates “Come Down Pt. 3” as an interlude and talks to fans and thanks haters for doubting him.  Production comes from Indigochildrick, Wishbone, Rockwell, Bomb Squad, Cris Dinero, Nuez, Nuri, & Nick Leon. Bank$ continues to remain true to his county, not city but county, by only featuring rappers from the area including: XXXTENTACION, Scooby Santana, & Los Hosale.

Calendars Cover

Calendars Cover

Bank$ returns to his beginning rap stye – Cloud Rap – which some say gets its name from the music only being available on Sound Cloud. Cloud Rap’s true claim to fame is that it includes ethereal, trancelike beats and abstract, sometimes purposely bizarre lyrics. This style of rap has to date birthed Yung Lean, A$AP Rocky, Lil B, Main Attrakionz, Spooky Black, SpaceGhostPurrp and many others. Since his debut release of Calendars, Bank$ stepped away from Cloud Rap with his follow up release of Tha City that was more of a look into who he is. The large majority of Bank$’ fan base has been longing for him return to his roots and he’s finally listened. Textbook examples of Bank$’ delivery of Cloud Rap includes:

“I hop in that pussy go ape/ My boxers is Bape/ My dick is out for Harambe/ If you a gorilla get sprayed”

“I got candy ask them boys if they want it/ I got 400 selling Magikarp/ Got a Gyarados, drove it then evolved it”

“These niggas mad I made they daughter a mama/ I took off the condom and sold it in Zara/ I painted her face on my name in mascara/ Gucci my collar, off Orochimaru”

Although the song “It Wasn’t Me” includes a sound bite from his father Shaggy’s hit song “It Wasn’t Me,” the 2 are very different in comparison. At the beginning of the second verse, Bank$ goes on a rant about how the opposition has failed to stay ahead of the game. He raps, “How you let Shaggy son rip you?/ How you let Shaggy son get you?/ You let Shaggy son get the pistol/ Shaggy son tired of the bitchin/ Shaggy son with two foreign women/ Shaggy son just might run up and hit you/ Shaggy son couldn’t fuck with you niggas/ Shaggy son was the one didn’t I tell you.” While doing this it seems like he’s quietly addressing the beef he has with J $tash or anyone who has a problem in general.

Only 2 of 12 songs were previously released, “Innadat” featuring XXXTENTACION and “BETT” making the rest brand new. On “Innadat” XXX and Bank$ trade off back and forth with some serious bars.  Notible lines include: “Bitch I’m Michael Jackson dangerous/ I got YesJulz in my bracelet,” “You know Richard is dead, but it’s still his throne/ Got white boys coming back, I’m sellin’ Jon Snow.” In his efforts to give his fans while they want, he also tells them that his old self Richard will be his best form – a form that he will never return to. On “BETT” Bank$ confesses that he turned down XXL Magazine’s offer to be on the freshman list twice now, but this actually isn’t that shocking. Bank$ is a person that prides himself off of hard work and doing for himself. It shows in his music with lines like, “Silver spoon born but I ate with my hands.”  After about a year of buzz the internet discovered that Shaggy was Bank$’ father and most people did not take it kindly. They saw Bank$ as a fraud because they assumed that his life and his music were opposites but after 5 years it doesn’t seem like he’s changed at all.

Grade: 9.5/10

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