Cam’Ron Jahleel Evans, 18-years-old, attends Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. At age 12, Evans would staple his jeans to make them slim and use sharpies to put drawings on t-shirts. It was at this age when he realized he had a passion for designing.  As he evolved with his craft, he began falling in love with quality, while only wanting to create products that reflect his passion. His endeavors as a creative director was born. At 14, he co-owned his first clothing line called Resume, consisting of messages to promote unity and strength with the youth. Unfortunately, it quickly plunged due to financial differences. Despite his early setbacks, Evans discovered the HOUSEOFTHENAKED, a brand owned by Sebastian Du Noir in Houston,Texas. Cam’Ron took every note and piece of advice offered by the curators of the underground streetwear scene in Houston, to turn himself into a design guru. He now owns and creatively directs for UNIVERDGE, a brand based on retro futurism, vices, and fun.

damnadeleeeeQ: When did Univerdge Clothing emerge? 

A: Univerdge started on November 13th, 2014. It was 8:04 p.m. and I was just sitting at my desk in my room bummed out about my departure from my first brand I co-owned called Resume Clothing, I just didn’t want to stop making clothes, ya know, so moved forward with my vision.


Q: Who are the team members for your brand? 

A: So far I, CAMO! is solo dolo with Univerdge. I’ve been in many endeavors with a team and it just never ends pretty so, I wanted to keep the plate clean this go around with Univerdge, do as much as I can myself until expansion is a necessity.


img_4344Q: How did you come up with the concept of Univerdge? 

A: The concept for Univerdge came from my secret obsession with retro futuristic comic books, the mid 80’s to late 90’s aesthetic , and vintage foreign fast cars. I’m trying to create a realm that bridges class, futurism, and the nostalgic culture. 


Q: Where does the name “Univerdge” come from? 

A: UNIVERDGE which was once spelled UNIVERGE, came from a saying I use to tell all my friends, “Merge with the Universe”. I stuck with it and held it as the foundation for my earlier designs that had a lot to do with space. 


Q: What is your vision for this brand? 

A: To Conduct a creative realm consisting of: 

– Clothing for the dreamers. 

– Art for the perceptive.

– Sounds for the visionary.

– Poetry for the imaginative. 

– Lifestyle products for everyone.

Our Project represents a (driven) mentality.

Q: What is new and exclusive for your FW 2016 line? 

A: Definitely the debut of Univerdge Furniture, I’ve been trying to do interior designing for like studio apartments and condos with patios so I have a chair I’m dropping in the middle of November.

img_3619Q: Where did you get the inspiration on the designs for your apparel?

A: Pulp Fiction, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Drug Dealer Movies, Vintage Designer Advertisements, Designs and Concept cars of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Q: How has this brand inspired/changed you as a person? 

A: This brand really matured me and gave me discipline financially. I used to be so crazy about designers such as Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Y-3, Alexander Wang, etc., but when i realized all of us share the common goals of success, influence over the masses, and wealth, I immediately changed sides from consumer to producer.

Q: What are some of the goals you have set for the rest of 2016? 2017?

A: The rest of 2016, I just hope to reach people that are higher commodities and bare the following and buzz that can change the status of any brand from independent to established. I also want to continue to reach an international following, so far we have support from France, U.K., Africa, Canada, Russia, and Australia etc., so to broaden our horizons before the year is up would be very awesome! 2017 is the year to RISE. Hopefully we will build a reputation for individuality and obtain the likes of Pharrell, Andre 3000, etc. I’m working very hard to get into more stores, so far we’ve retailed at Houseofthenaked, a clothing store in the museum district of Houston Texas.

Q: What do you hope to gain from your brand? 

A: I just hope I can change the way streetwear has become. Some lines are boring and tunnel visioned, but I want to do less dark colors and more pastels. I just hope to leave an impact on the industry with the consistency of vibrant colorful products and fresh never before seen designs. I’m trying to establish a company that curates a lifestyle I can pass on to my kids haha. 

Q: Have any celebrities been spotted sporting your brand?

A: Yea, IcyTwat and Cyrax of Divine Council both have gear from my Fall 2016 collection. Actually me and IcyTwat are collaborating on merchandise for his new album called MILK, so definitely shout out them. They’ve been like my day 1 supporters, but yeah we’ve grown the likes from Whyjae, Tedy Andreas, Icey Life etc. Just trying to keep up the pace so we are ready for more exposure this journey has to offer.

IcyTwat in the UFO hoodie

IcyTwat in the UFO hoodie

Q: Have you guys gone international with your brand? 

A: Um, if you mean as in shipping wise then yeah! Actually, October was a crazy month with international support. People from UK, France, Africa, Australia, Canada and even Russia has either bought or asked to represent Univerdge. Like thats crazy to me because, when I launched my first collection and got an order from Hawaii, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Now, its like people on Twitter are talking about Univerdge in different languages and i would have to translate it to see what they said.. its just Rad mannnn.

Q: What are some of the things you envision for the future of your brand, apparel wise? 

A: I don’t wanna go in depth because people out here like taking ideas and stuff, but i’m going to do a LOT of experimenting with different patterns, materials, and focus on a cut and sewn side of Univerdge rather than the screen-printing and essential embroidery.

Q: What would you like your supporters/customers to know? 

A: I want my customers and supporters to know my heart is into UNIVERDGE. I don’t do this for me, I do this for the kids who were called weird or lame. UNIVERDGE is here to influence you to be ON THE VERDGE of any endeavor you may come across that can push you forward. Also, believe in yourself and never depend on anybody for anything! YOU HAVE THE POWER. SERIOUSLY.



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