Season four of “Power” follows the arrest of James “Ghost” St.Patrick for the murder of Agent Greg Knox. Ghost’s double life seems to be finally catching up with him. After James St.Patrick is arrested by his lover Agent Angela Valdes at his popular nightclub Truth, his dreams of living a legitimate life may be over.

Ghost’s arrest causes a shift in the drug empire that he shares with his hot-tempered business partner Tommy Egan. Ghost’s family is in shambles and his nightclub is at stake. His son Tyriq goes missing briefly at Kanan’s expense but later shows up with a new attitude.With his dad locked up, Tyriq shows no regard for his family while his mother Tasha struggles to keep things together.

Tasha St.Patrick refuses to allow her family to be dismantled. The same woman who had an affair with her husband is the same woman whom arrested him. She’s hurt but she doesn’t have time to feel. Tasha’s on a mission to ensure her family overcomes the odds. Meanwhile, Tommy sticks close to make sure.

St.Patrick (Ghost) back is up against the wall as the prosecution team turns the heat up. Joe Proctor is determined to prove that his client is a legit business man who has no affiliations with Ghost nor any drug afiliations with Tommy.  Although he knows all the details regarding his client’s double life, he knows St.Patrick wouldn’t kill a member of law enforcement. He hires another attorney, Terry Silvers, to assist him in proving his client’s innocence.

Silvers proves to be worthy addition to the defense team as he is able to provide information that forces the judge to throw out the DNA evidence. The prosecution team notice the case starts to crumble and applies questionable tactics to ensure a quilty verdict for St.Patrick, eager to find any amount of evidence that could save their case. District Attorney John Mak wants a gulity verdict with the death penalty.

To wrap up the fourth episode up, the prosecution team argued that Proctor representing St.Patrick was a conflict of interest being that Proctor was also the attorney for Tommy Egan. Proctor is released from the case and Silvers is forced to take over. Proctor’s release causes him to drop in on Angela to reiterate his client’s innocence.

Proctor’s gesture causes Angela to review the club’s surveillance video from the night of the murder. At that moment Angela realizes that St.Patrick is innocent. The murder weapon that was found at the club was not placed there by St.Patrick but was planted there by someone on the prosecution team. It was at that moment that Angela’s momentum changed and so did her will to shame St.Patrick.

Angela’s willful right to seek justice and clear her conscious inspires her to reveal in court what she noticed in the surveillance video which causes the judge to drop the charges against James St.Patrick.

What will be Ghost’s next move as a free man?

He struggles to rid the life he wishes to let go because his past discretions tend to catch up with him but now that he’s back in control of things can he overcome the odds stacked against him?


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