JaTerrius Deandre Marvin Taylor, also known as “JayTee” is a sophomore at the University of Alabama where he majors in Management Information Systems (MIS). Born in Mobile, AL but raised in Birmingham, AL, JayTee has a passion for graphic design, which blossomed in middle school, where he started with Adobe Photoshop. Currently JayTee works for Apple and he is also responsible for “Cavé Graphics” of the Cave Cartel brand.


The name of the brand stems from the group name of JayTee and his friends in high school, “The Cave”, but it was always just an inside name. They would always be into their fashion and appearance. With constant talks of fashion, new clothes, and growing trends…JayTee and his friends were grabbing fashion and shoe ideas from people such as A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, and Quavo. With such a strong sense of fashion, these young men usually customize their own shoes, sew t-shirts, or create various clothes for themselves, that many people, including their school peers, saw and loved! Eventually JayTee and his friends felt as if their style should be shared amongst others. Aside from their similar fashion tastes, each member of the friend group had their own interest/creative talent whether it was designing graphics, taking pictures, painting, or customizing shoes and clothes. It was with these different interests that JayTee and his friends joined creative forces to form the clothing line, Cavé Cartel. Cavé Cartel is more than a clothing line it’s a lifestyle that expresses the ability to live your life how you choose to and express your talents no matter what negative energy surrounds you!


The brand is based out of Birmingham, AL, JayTee’s hometown. The Cavé Cartel brand lives up to its name by being close to an actual Cartel. Independent producers coming together to distribute some of the best products, services, and clothing collectively. Cavé Cartel wants to spread the work of those who have interests in being a MUA, a Fashion Designer, a Model, etc. The minds behind Cave Cartel know there are many people who have skills that should be seen. The brand gives people the opportunity to let the talent that is caved inside, radiate and be shown to the world.


Google became Jaytee’s bestfriend and helped him to start the brand. The support and promotion was not a problem due to friends and social media, but after going over various brand names, creating logos, advertising, and the purpose of the brand, he resorted to as much research as possible on creating a clothing line and running a business. Things such as creating a website , a logo, and social media accounts weren’t as difficult because those are things he’s been doing his whole life. JayTee gained knowledge on topics such as legal documents, T-Shirt companies, and pricing before he launched his brand. Watching videos and reading articles from successful entrepreneurs gave him many ideas on how to go about running a business while also giving helpful tips such to allow him to maintain the same positive motivation.


JayTee advertises the Cave Cartel brand through social media, local events working with various photographers, MUAs, and Models. He also uses campus flyers/posts to spread the word about the Cave Cartel, and gets his brand awareness up by placing the Cave logo or name on as many things as possible, whether it’s with chalk on the ground or a watermark in the corner of a picture. If you have a product like this and you want to put the brand name out there, consider working with companies such as NGP Integrated Marketing Communications who can help build your brand and work on marketing strategies with you.


JayTee hopes to expand the Cave Cartel through the use of networking and connect with those from different walks of life and backgrounds, people he never expected himself to communicate with. In this day and age social networking, websites are very powerful influences so, he plans to use it to his advantage. You can keep up with The Cave Cartel by following them on social media @thecavecartel or checking out their website www.cavecartel.bigcartel.com


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