On the third Monday of January each year, the entire country observes the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  It is a day we celebrate the life of a hero who contributed his life to ensure equality for every man and injustice to none.

King’s birthday is on January 15. The federal holiday falls very close to Dr.King’s birthday which is no coincidence. King’s holiday was signed into law in 1983. It wasn’t until years later that every state in the U.S. chose to observe the national holiday at a state level.

Even today there are three states that observe Martin Luther King Jr’s and Robert E Lee holiday as one. Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi have combined the two, although the men beliefs were very different. Robert E Lee was the Confederate general in the civil war who led his troops to defend slavery. The general is also known for his efforts against African Americans voting rights. The fact that the two men are honored on the same day in any state is strange. However, the celebration of Dr. King’s legacy remains substantial and historic.

Dr. King’s inspirational tone and consistent measures in the Civil Rights Movement paved the way for the African Americans and other minorities.

The infamous “I have a dream” speech, moved the hearts of many Americans on August 28, 1963. The speech birthed a defining moment in American History and the Civil Rights Movement. It is because of Dr.King that many Americans today are afforded the ability to conquer their dreams.

The day that honors Dr.Martin Luther King Jr is a celebration of his life and legacy but is also a day that we show appreciation to a hero.

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